Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Virtual Folks !

Back in the day I joined a number of online communities........ Now I belong to two - sort of - FetLife and Facebook.  I say "sort of" cause honestly I almost never log on to them.  Granted June is my busy month - and I hardly have time to answer my private emails never mind reading all the drivel on  those sites, but still it just isn't something I miss.

This past weekend W sent me some emails he had been exchanging with a friend on FL.  I made a passing comment about not knowing what was going on... W responded with "well then go on FL".

So yesterday afternoon I decided to wander on over and take a look at what had been happening.......... 

There is a new group (could be more than one - but I found one) that is running around pointing out fake profiles.  Really??? and you need to do this because??? AND more importantly - you are surprised by this because??? 

Then I found a discussion about how FL administrators (or greeters - or whatever the hell they call them) handled a "fight" between two users.  I read the rant - I read all 70+ comments.  And all the time I kept thinking ' oh my god !!!  sounds like a school yard fight'........ and I couldn't help wondering how some people have lost the good sense god gave them - to simply log off........ instead of running around like Chicken Little declaring the "sky is falling", creating all sorts of unnecessary drama.  AND then the icing on the cake was ........ the greeters or administrators or someone told the wounded parties that they couldn't talk about the other person on FL anymore and the other person couldn't talk about them....... and if they did ........ their posts would be removed forth with! OH MY GOD!!  They need referees now??? 

Then I read all the drivel about who's doing whom....... and whose feelings are hurt.. and who's going where with whom - and who's not going where because of who's going........... 

I have one word for it all.............. CHILDISH

Have you seen the car ad (don't ask me which car - I don't know!!) where a teenager is talking disgustedly about how she got her parents signed up for facebook and they only have 19 friends.  She has 600and some odd friends.  She is sitting in her room typing on her laptop........ they cut away to her parents out bike riding with friends - having a ball.............. that pretty much says it all for me.......... 

When internet communities become your life - when you live eat sleep and breath them it is time to turn off the computer....... or maybe time for an intervention.  

Cause you know folks - there is a big wide world out there - full of real people and real adventures !



  1. Anonymous11:23 am

    Guess cyber bullying isn't just on Facebook, then. On FL? Even heard it happens to some bloggers. It is everywhere! Life is just too short to spend energy picking on people.


  2. I could not agree with you more. I always wondered about getting on FL but I think you answered that question for me.

    I love that car commerical, it is one of my favorites.

  3. Anonymous9:20 pm

    I LOVE that commercial. Makes me giggle every time I see it. It's for a Toyota Venza, I believe.

    And yes, 99.99% of fet is drivel. Reminds me of 2-year-olds who can't get along. Sigh.

  4. Sitting ion the sidelines WATCHING life go by isn't really living ... you have to be IN it!


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