Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fantasy versus Reality

Last weekend - over on My Bottom Smarts - Bonnie asked us to plan an imaginary spanking festival/exposition.  (You can read all the clever ideas at this link..... Spanko Brunch)

I don't always offer up submissions to Bonnie's Sunday Brunch discussions - but that one caught my imagination.  I have been thinking about it during the week.  As much as what I wrote was fiction - it was based partially on reality.  W and I have been to more than a few BDSM weekends - complete with demos and lectures .. goods for sale and play parties.

One of the activities at one of the festivals we have been to is a "slave auction".  Slave auctions have always been real good fodder for my overly active imagination.  Images of nubile naked slaves (both male and female) tethered to an auction block dance around my mind.  Heads down - shame and humiliation playing games with their heads - Masters inspecting every inch of their bodies - refusing some - bidding on others.  Being led away by the chain attached to one's collar.  OH YES...... definitely fodder for my imagination.  

BUT the reality of it is........... it's very scary - and daunting - and not so much fun.  How do I know?? Cause at one of the festivals we attend - they hold slave auctions.  (oh and they auction off Dominant's skills as well)  At the last one W and I were at - I couldn't bring myself to volunteer for the slave auction.  Hell I couldn't even volunteer for the spank-o-thon (a line of submissives bent over - asses in the air - receiving spanks from any Top feeling the need to spank) 

The reality is I am shy - and fairly insecure - and definitely not bold enough to offer myself up to some stranger.  The reality of it is you don't know the person who may bid on you and win.  The reality of it is bad things could happen.  

But it is fun to fantasize about being chained to the auction block - nearly naked - heart pounding - being led away to some cruel fate............. yup the fantasy is wonderful - the reality - not so much.

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  1. Fantasy is usually far better than reality.
    At least that's what i've found.

    *le sigh*


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