Monday, May 28, 2012

Vanilla Time

It was a quiet weekend this past weekend... 
 Oh there was a play party we could have gone to........ but we opted to go to dinner with eldest daughter.  She used her brand spanking new barbeque (her belated Christmas gift from me) and made us fancy dancy "pizza" hamburgers and grilled asian potatoes.  We drank wine and mom got a little plastered (it doesn't take much to make me tipsy) and sat outside by candle light and enjoyed quiet conversation.  

Sunday morning I made fried eggs and bacon and toast and W and I watched the Sunday morning news show.  Then we picked up eldest daughter and went to the market to buy some flowers for ALL our gardens.  Mission accomplished - flowers bought and planted -  W and I went out for a quick lunch at a sausage shop near me.  They make the very best sausages everything from Jamaican sausages  to bacon and maple  to swiss cheese - the choices are endless and so yummy !!!

Then W returned home and I went for a hot bath to ease the aching muscles from digging the gardens for the new plants.  Then I curled up on the sofa with my "other" man - Bruce Willis - and watched a couple of his movies.

It was a quiet weekend - compared to our usual ones - but oh so very nice.  It helped me recharge my batteries for the next bout of busy-ness ........... 

Everyone needs a quiet time every so often.


  1. Sadly, I am just getting ready to pack up and leave MY "vanilla" weekend here in your capital! lol

    I do so enjoy quiet time! =)

  2. you forgot to mention you got your ass bitten several times, now I am wondering if My bites aren't as good as they use to be?????


  3. oh lordie Sir.. your bites are just fine thank you very much.... no need to work on it.. honest true\!!! i didn't mention it only because i had trouble fitting it in to the entry today.. honest true Sir !!!


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