Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Into Every Life a little Rain must Fall

A little rain is one thing ............. torrential downpours are a completely different thing.........

I awoke yesterday to torrential rain - and severe thunder storm warnings for the day.  I do not have an umbrella because I lose them - all the time.  BUT I do have a rain coat with a hood - which is so much better than an umbrella. I got tired of fighting with umbrellas - trying to open them outside the front door without getting wet.. trying to close them up when I got in the car without scratching the paint - or getting wet.  I got tired of trying to hold on to the damn thing and my book bag and my coffee and everything else I carry between house and car.  I got tired of trying to keep them from blowing inside out on a really truly blustery day.         AND  I got tired of losing them.    

Yesterday morning I got ready for work while the rain pounded against the windows and made small rivers in my gardens.  When I went to get my rain coat with the hood - I remembered I had left it at work - hanging on the back of my door.  (am I now losing my rain coat as well as umbrellas??!!)  So I made a mad dash for my car without any protection and managed - just - to get there with out acquiring the "drowned rat" look.

By the time I was ready to come home for my morning break - the rains had stopped and the sun was peaking out.... I grabbed my rain coat (I'm no fool!!)  I dragged that rain coat back and forth to school between the morning break .. the lunch break.... BUT when I ran home for an afternoon break - the sun was shining brightly and the heat and humidity was sky rocketing.  I left my rain coat sitting on a chair in the kitchen. 

At 4:30 the sky got black - threatening dark black - and just about the time I would have left for the day and headed home - the severe thunder storms hit.  The torrential rains were so bad - cars were stopping in the middle of the road - people were hudding inside the school - I could barely see the houses across the street.  And my rain coat ?? well it was sitting all safe and dry in my kitchen.

When it all let up enough to allow me to run to my car - the water in the parking lot was about 1/3 of the way up the tires of the parked cars... The roads were overflowing with mud puddles....... My mind had turned to building boats............ 

In the evening - after the worst of the storm seemed to have passed....... W called me.  He asked me if I had checked the basement??!!!  I asked why as I got up and moved towards the stairs........... because he told me his basement was flooded - lots of homes had flooded basements......... I began to worry - seriously worry.  But I was sitting high and dry and breathed a huge sigh of relief.  

W on the other hand had had visitors interested in buying his house there when the basement started to flood (OMG) and had the second set of visitors cancel out because their basement was flooded.  

This morning the sun is shining and all's right with the world again........ the storms have passed .. W is trying to dry out his basement before the next set of visitors arrive.... and me?? well I am thinking I can safely leave my rain coat at home today...... tomorrow is another story - more rain forecast for tomorrow............

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