Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So Sunday we met - for the first time - the real estate agent.  The one who has been very good at sending us listings every week.  

First problem was - no matter what area I suggested - he would ask if I had any idea how far away it was.......... (le sigh).  When we met I asked if he was born and raised in Kingston..... he was .. which explains his fear of having to travel any distance.  Honestly if you get lost in Kingston you are never more than 10 minutes from where you should be.  Where W and I live - we are both about 20 - 25 minutes from the center of town....... so a 20 minute drive to town is nothing for us... for a Kingstoner - it's mind boggling.

On Saturday .....with time to fill....we had checked out  a neighbouring town - but weren't  that pleased with the feel of the town.  So we settled in to look at homes in Kingston.  

To be honest I really wasn't all that impressed with our agent.  He knew nothing about the houses he was showing us........ from the one with the cement floor all dug up and cracked and heaving - to light switches in the ceiling - to the neighbourhoods he took us to.  After seeing 6 houses - without a break - he announced that was it.  I kept getting the feeling he was gonna be glad to see the back of us.

I asked if there was anything in two other neighbouring towns that perhaps we could see on Monday...... but he said no.  That night in the motel I cranked up the pc and did a search......... not only were there houses in the other two towns.. one of the houses was one our agent's listings .. WTF??!!! 

I went to bed feeling more than a little disappointed.  I hadn't fallen in love with any of the houses he had shown us - or for that matter - the neighbourhoods.

On Monday morning W and I discussed taking the back roads through the two towns we wanted to see.  We figured we wouldn't get to see any homes - but we would get a feel for the towns... and like the town we visited on Saturday ... find out if it was a "fit" for us.  

So after breakfast we packed up and started on down the road.............. 

We came to the first little town - that is approximately 15 minutes from Kingston.  We drove up and down some of the streets - soaking in the ambiance - admiring the homes... and actually finding one we had seen on line - and knew the price.  As we headed out of that town and down the road to 15 minutes on the other side of Kingston W said that he liked the first town..... a lot.  So did I .. it felt .. like home.

The second little town - is small and really a tourist area.  But we both loved it too.  W said he would like to live in town 1 ..OR town 2 ....OR finally in Kingston. 

We took the long way home - enjoying the sunshine and the views... and the comfort of being in each other's company.  The disappointment from Sunday was gone - there is hope ..........


  1. LOL yeah, having grown up in the country, everything is at least 20 minutes away. Doesn't sound like your agents heart was into selling...maybe get another one.

    Good luck in the hunt!


  2. I found my place by picking all the areas that I wanted to live in and driving up and down all the small streets (had enough of living on a main road in my last place) and finally found a nice small townhouse that was just what I wanted. It was an "uit de hand te koop" which means that it was sold direct by the owners, without an agent, which made it loads cheaper than it would have been but it was not advertised anywhere, you had to see the house to know it was for sale. This was a time consuming way to do things (dozens of weekends driving around) but it worked out well for me.



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