Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slow down you're moving too fast..........

I have always had a problem of wishing time away - wishing I was grown up - wishing the holidays were here - wishing the school year would start - wishing the summer was here - wishing the week over - the day over - Always wishing for some time in the future.

The problem with that is ...... I get so caught up in wishing the future here - that I miss the present many times.  I feel like a race horse in the starting gate - waiting for the bell to ring - the gate to drop - and the race to start......... BUT it seems my mind is always in the gate - even when I am cantering along at a nice easy pace.

I was sitting here this morning - in the early morning sunshine - coffee in hand - looking at houses for sale......... and with each house I saw I was picturing how I would decorate it - what changes I would make - fussing and fuming over combining two complete households into one - AND - adding the new bits and pieces that I want for our new life.  I was also thinking about the cleaning/laundry I should be doing this morning.  I was also thinking about the next 4 weeks - June my dreaded month - with next weekend prep time for W's garage sale - the following weekend His garage sale - the need to clean out the Prek rooms out on the island before the end of June - our possible next visit to Kingston.

I suddenly realized that 2 hours had passed and I hadn't enjoyed the birds singing outside my window - or the sun streaming in the window or that first cup of coffee that is now cold sitting fore lonely on the corner of my desk.  

I fear I am going to race towards the future and race and race - and I will land up skidding into my grave  not having appreciated the journey - 

I would prefer my journey to be:

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the 
intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well 
preserved body, but rather skid in sideways,
chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other,
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming
WOO HOO what a ride!"  (by Florence Ondre)


  1. Anonymous11:35 am

    Wishing time away.... you said so very well, unfortunately a favorite pastime of mine.


  2. What is left to say. . .other than totally agree!


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