Saturday, May 05, 2012

Oriental Zen

Back when we were "visiting" Japan and China at school - I went looking for an oriental grocery store to buy 'real' chinese dumplings for our celebration.....  There was one just down the street from me believe it or not.  I had driven past it for years and never really noticed it.  It is a small lil shop tucked into a large sprawling metropolis - easy to miss (that's my story and I am sticking to it !!)  And I found the BEST dumplings ever - and so easy to make.......... 

Well around Easter... W was telling me about going out for dim sum with an oriental friend.  They had gone to a 'real' oriental restaurant - and W raved about the hot mustard.  (W loves hot food / hot spices / hot everything!!!  which is why he's with me of course - cheeky grin) 

So I ventured back into the oriental grocery shop one day to see if I could find this hot mustard.  I had a wonderful sales clerk help me find the mustard........ and she added a hot chili sauce  - promising me that if W didn't find it hot enough for his tastes - there was one other he could try.  The same day I bought some of those delicious dumplings I had bought for the kiddies and some sweet chili sauce (I do not like hot sauces - even more so since being sick last year)

The dumplings are so easy to make that they became a bit of a diet staple around here - especially on nights when I was too tired to cook.  The sweet chili sauce was like ambrosia - my god it was delicious !!! 

Last night I didn't know what to cook for dinner.  I didn't feel like cooking.  I was feeling just a little battered and bruised from "stuff" ........... so around 7:00 I decided to whip up a batch of dumplings and sweet chili sauce.  While they were cooking I decided to break out the oriental dishes and chop sticks... to pay a little attention to the visual appeal of my meal instead of just wolfing them down and getting the meal over with. 

The picture's a bit dark - black plate on dark table - but hopefully you get the idea...
Eating with chopsticks takes time - and makes me sit back and enjoy the meal a little bit more... makes me breath while I am eating..... creates an almost Zen moment.  I took pride in the placement of the dumplings around the dipping cup..... creating (in my mind's eye) a flower........ 

And I thought to myself when I had finished - no more wolfing down meals just to get them over with........... I must start paying a little more attention to detail....... find my Zen ... relax into it.... refocus from the busy noisy life outside the 4 walls I call home... 

Take time to be Zen....... at one with the quiet stillness around me.


  1. Anonymous9:02 am

    I've never been that keen on oriental food. Probably because there were never any of those restaurants around when growing up. (Small culture area, didn't know what a deli was until high school and Wolfie's opened up)

    Now I might have to venture out and try some. The table setting and dumpling arrangement look scrumptious. A lovely flower.

    As a retired teacher, I can identify with the habit of wolfing down food. Lunch duty, 20 minutes to eat, things to take care of during that time, etc... Had to actively make myself eat slowly at a normal pace when home or out. Hubby's comments such as "nobody is going to steal your food, slow down" or "don't eat like a starving pig" always helped too,


  2. The plate is lovely. Good when we know to feed all of us -- body, mind, heart, and soul.

    hugs, swan

  3. :O a recipe for your dumplings if they are easy to make .. my One loves those but i have never been able to find a good recipe to match the ones He has at China town... PLEASEEE

  4. sorry saffy - these dumplings are frozen - what i meant by easy to fix is that they don't have to be cooked and fried.. these are simply boiled and eaten...

  5. alpineb7:51 pm


    Try this for a recipe:


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