Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Solitudes

I had written a rather long post about the two solitudes of Kingston.  I had written about the second group we met on Saturday evening.  I had written about the THE LEADER of this group.  I had written about my dismay with HIS attitude towards us. I had written about my perceptions of THE LEADER.  This morning I erased it all.

This play party we went to on Saturday evening was one of the strangest ones I have ever attended.  First off - we had to sit through a "lecture" on Rubber and Latex (which we have no interest in - but - shrug - sometimes you do what you gotta do) But I did take exception to being made to sit through a porn video - that involved a whole lot of footage on golden showers.  Definitely non-consensual participation on my part.  

Then we had to sit through a meeting............ yes I said a meeting.  Requests for volunteers for various projects they want to undertake - requests for fund raising (though we were never really told what the money was needed for) Reminders (ad nauseum) about confidentiality.  

As a friend said " well that was 1 1/2 hours of my time wasted".  

W and I did get to play and we had fun playing.  We always do.  Unfortunately the flogger with the metal tips opened up my ass and I bled - which wasn't ok cause we had to stop playing. We did visit a bit with the new folks ......... and then we headed back to our motel.

It definitely wasn't the best play party I have been to......... wasn't the worst ........ but definitely not high on my list of good parties.  

Then the day after there was some "fall out" from THE LEADER's misunderstanding a bit of conversation he overheard...... and then my knuckles got rapped for the post I put up on his "google group".

The nice thing is........... THE LEADER's group isn't the only game in town.  AND we can still drive back here - or up to the Nation's Capital for a play party or two..... hell - depending on the house we find - we could even hold a play party or two of our own - without the Board meeting atmosphere.

Now I believe I have worked my way from the middle of our weekend - out to the last edge.  We are back to W trying to get his house on the market and me putting in my time at school for the next 16 months.  We know which areas we would like to move to.. we know which group welcomed us and was fun... we have the ground work set for our move........ and that is all that matters !

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  1. soundds like Kingston has wild parties (sacasm)or the Leader hs s a god complex. Emjoy what you can of it ,


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