Friday, May 25, 2012

Punching Bag

I am so tired  of being a  punching bag- for all the folks who think they can plunk all the blame for their inadequacies at my feet.  

From  the black woman at work who believes that she doesn't have to be a team player that somehow she is entitled to special privileges because she is black - and NO I am not imagining that - cause she has played the "black card" or threatened to so many times I am tired of hearing it.  I don't see colour - I see a woman who won't join the team for meetings - who uses reverse discrimination by refusing to do anything and I do mean ANYTHING with the white women on the team, who becomes aggressive and verbally abusive when she doesn't get her own way.  And I am tired - so damn tired - of a school board and union who get all a-twitter when she opens her mouth and says the dreaded words "It's because I am black" 

I am tired of being knocked about by folks who think I have nothing better to do than operate/run their fund raisers - and who become more than a little indignant when I refuse to get involved.

I am tired of "secret" emails to W complaining about how nice someone is - how willing to cooperate  - how no one understands her pain....... and that it is MY fault - all my fault that W doesn't go running every time she snaps her fingers. It is all my fault - ad naseum - 

I am tired of hearing it all - ALL.  I just want to smack someone........ 

And the worst part - there is nothing I can do to fix it........ 

The black woman will run (once again) to the principal and the Board if necessary - I will have to spend time defending my stance (I am right - this time anyway - but I will have to prove it ) 

The fund raisers will sulk around and be in my way and get under my skin - and I am gonna have to tolerate it - or do it myself - which I have no intentions of doing.  

The not so secret emails will continue to pour into W - He has said he will not forward them to me anymore ........ but that won't make them disappear - they will slip to the back of my mind and play their insidious games in my subconscious..... 

I am very tired of being someone else's punching bag...........


  1. I am sorry for you troubles. This may sound as a cliche, but we are not all like the woman who is giving you problems. I do not use my skin color as a weapon and I do hate when other people do.

    She sounds as if she is not up to her tasks and lashes out to cover that fact. She would even see me as a threat, mainly because I do not share her 'victim' stance.

    It is a very complicated situation. If I can help you resolve it, I would. Maybe if she blows up too much she will hang herself.

  2. @Loki_Darksong - trust me I know as well as anyone that not all people of ethnic origin behave this way. She is special in many many ways that have nothing to do with skin colour... and has raised a few eyebrows with the parents with her tattoos and piercings.. LOL

    She is just a difficult soul - lacking in self confidence. I know that - it's just some days harder to deal with it...

  3. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Sorry you are having so many problems. Sometimes a person complains so much (ie non-team player) they get 'caught'. Kinda like the boy who cried wolf. Hope it happens soon.
    Too bad W can't block emails from that address...

    Hang in there and smile, smile, smile, drives those 'crazies' nuts wondering why you are smiling.


  4. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Bravo! A post definitly worth a worthy comment, thanks.


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