Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A good cuppa please

We are home - well truthfully we got home yesterday late afternoon.  It was a busy weekend - lots of running around.  I almost don't know where to start.... 

So I will start in the middle and work my way out to the edges over the next few days.  

Sunday night we were pooped - exhausted - from looking at homes and trying to remember areas / communities and all the assorted things one tries to remember when one is house hunting.

We had curled up in our motel for the evening and I figured we would watch some TV and fall asleep.  


W had different ideas.  He had brought the cupping set we have.  He decided it would be fun to do some cupping.  I thought 'easy peasy play time.  I get to just lie here and W will attach cups and then take them off' .  It had been so long since we did it - I honestly had no memory of what it felt like.

Well it took the first placement to remind me.......... can I say WTF??!!!  By the time my ass was covered I was breathing deeply and feeling very light headed and floaty..........

in my addled brain I was trying to remember how they came off... but it seemed to me it was simple - just release the suction and they popped off.  So I settled back down to enjoying the burning pain.  

Oh yeah - I should add that this cupping was done on an ass that had been well beaten the night before - so well beaten that it bled.  

W played with the cups - tugging them - knocking them - pushing them together so they touched........ I remember moaning softly.  

Then W said he wanted to do my nipples. So he started to remove them.  Know what it feels like????  Like having a band-aid ripped ...... RIPPED ... off - only 10 times worse!!!  

Unfortunately my nipples couldn't take the pressure of cupping so W put one on my clit.... 

 Can I say OUCH??!!!!

Here's some pics of my ass once the cups were removed... if you look closely you will see a small pinpoint mark in the middle of each circle.............. 

That's because each cup has a rod with a point.... 

all I can say is - it was a LONG ride home in the car - each bump reminding me of the nice "cuppa" 



  1. Anonymous11:43 am

    Ouchie...how do they work to suck up the flesh like that?

  2. Ouchie & OHMY! (lol)



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