Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finding the positives.

I am guessing that a goodly number of you won't have a point of reference for the above lines.  

BUT you don't really need it.

Like so much that goes into this Journey - those words are for me........ if they catch your eye - attach themselves to your psyche - all the better - but this is really just for me.

This week I have been feeling a wee bit sorry for myself.  For the second weekend in a row I won't be seeing W.  Not seeing W makes me sad.  I think some of it is - the realist in me knows that when he moves away - despite the best laid plans of alternating weekends - there will be more weekends alone than together. 

W has stuff to do at his place - I have "Mother's day" with my children.  Unfortunately the stuff to do at W's doesn't correspond with stuff to do with my children........ and so the weekend is being spent apart.

Yesterday was tough - I couldn't even get into the mind set of "2 days off - to do exactly what I want"  Instead I was doing the "damn another weekend without W - another weekend without spanks - another weekend without snuggles" 

This morning I awoke to sunshine.  (yeah I am blaming the sunshine for my change of heart) And I realized I have gardens that need to be tended to......... flowers that need trimming....... earth that needs turning...patio furniture that needs to be brought up and put into the secret garden.  

HEY !!  how many of you have seen the ad on television - where a garden statue of a bunny says to the woman reading - "He may have his man cave - BUT you have " wonderland?" and the camera spans out and you see her sitting on a wicker love seat with a book - with lanterns hanging from the trees swaying in the breeze - making it look for all the world like "Wonderland"??   When I saw that ad - the first thought that leapt to mind was when W and I move ....... maybe I can have a "wonderland" in the backyard !!

And so today I am going to pull on my grubbies - find the garden shovel - the garden shears- my yellow duckies (boots) and head out into the sunshine and play in the mud. Even miss ashes will get to play outside with me.  

I am going to accentuate the positive of the day - eliminate the negatives - and definitely ignore the inbetweens...................


  1. Anonymous9:16 am

    Enjoy the day! Happy Mother's Day, too.


  2. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!



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