Friday, October 09, 2009

Statistical Sex

better title - Gratuitous Sex - OR - Sex Sells

i have all sorts of gadgets to give me statistics on my blog.... now i never used to have any interest in statistics.. but one day... after writing reams of words i wondered if anyone ever read them...... i was curious.. i added a hit counter.

Now i vowed i wouldn't let it rule me.. i wouldn't write to raise the hits - improve my stats.. and for the most part i haven't. Oh occasionally i will get hung up in how my numbers have dropped.. but for the most part i don't much fuss.. this blog after all is for me.. to get things off my chest.. Though i will admit my numbers go way up when there are problems on the home front.. or if i am discussing sex.. or if i am exposing my private bits for one and all to see...

There are others who do whole blog posts about how folks stumble across their blog.. you know .. the words they type into some search engine and land up on your blog. i have never done one of those blogs cause the people who stumble across my blog usually come from another blog that links to me (thank you btw.. to all of you who link to me.. especially the ones i never knew about or read)

For some strange reason people just don't find me using search words .. maybe my titles are too vanilla.. or too boring - who knows (shrug)

Anyway......... all of this is to say.... for the last little while my numbers have been pretty stable - very few new hits - most of my hits are return visitors......... which is very nice - cause golly gee - they must like what they found here...

But still not too many new visitors.

Until this week.

My new visitor numbers have doubled .. tripled even one day.

So i got curious. i figured there was a new blog out there that had linked to mine.. or someone had taken offense to something i had written and blogged about it .. but no.......... i was actually being found by using search words.

Wanna know what the search words were?? huh huh? do ya??

"Pussy torture"

That's it.. i am getting huge hits from the phrase pussy torture. Go figure !! and in checking back i have only ever written 2 blogs specifically about pussy torture. Now if that's not weird i don't know what is.

Now the day i wrote about "cock worship" i figured that might bring a few new hits.. but nah.. not really - i guess folks aren't much interested in cock worship.. but pussy torture ......... look out.

Now the only thing is........ i am wondering .... am i getting a whole slew of future psychopaths who enjoy torturing cats - OR - am i getting a whole slew of new readers who want to know something about torturing a woman's pussy.

Makes ya stop and wonder doesn't it??

Obviously sex sells... and perverted kinky sex sells even better.


  1. Geezzz Guess what we will be doing this weekend ;-)

    Owner of morningstar

  2. You probably can't see my hits at all, since I do all of my reading by RSS, unless I'm stopping by to make a witty comment.

    Seems you have a good weekend ahead... Let's see what kind of hits you get for your Monday Report ;)

  3. lol.. you gave me a chuckle today! im hoping on the side of torturing a womans pussy and not the poor little as with the others, im looking forward to mondays report too after your Sirs comment above!

  4. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Who knew?

  5. Anonymous4:11 pm


    That's brilliant - and by writing this post you've probably added yourself a few new hits as you've mentioned pussy torture a good few times there - hurrah for google :D!

    Win Win!

  6. who knew i would get the comments i got.. god i am truly laughing out loud here..

    so glad you all had good fun planning my weekend... i haven't a clue what Sir has up His sleeve.. especially since we have to go shopping.. and we are having the kids for thanksgiving..

    and the biggy

    i am EXHAUSTED !!

  7. but what better way to UNWIND?? grins... i mean, you DID bring it up first!


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