Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life's lil realities..

Come sit... let's talk........

i had this blog entry going round and round in my head.. i thought it was a good one... i should have written it down when the inspiration hit me.. cause now it is but a shadow of it's former great entry !!!

It all started with my mind going to the common phrase "no limits" and how slaves have no limits... and how i have always had just a wee bit of trouble with that "no limit" thingy .. cause truthfully folks until you try something how do you know .. for sure !!! it will just be hunky dory fine.. that everyone.. you and your Dom will get "off" on that particular thing??

And what happens if it IS fine for now.. but something odd happens and it no longer works... what happens if suddenly you develop problems with this bdsm act... does it continue?? does your Dom actually ignore the fact there is a problem and keep going????

And yeah.. i am talking about small things like ewwwww factors and big things like my shoulder just dislocated from being hung upside down and backwards from that O ring in the ceiling....

BUT the big thing for me... at this point in my life.. is how Mother Nature changes our limits.. sets new limits.. and sets them in stone. AND not just for subbie / slave.. but for Dominant too. From small lil - almost unnoticeable changes - like stiffer joints that ache and don't bend 180 degrees anymore.. or thinner skin that might slice open easier from a crop or a whip...

i guess i am a little tired of reading about the young 'uns (and don't get me wrong .. if i didn't really like reading i wouldn't.. ) and their magnificent bodies.. and their unlimited bounteous amounts of energy and endurance and sexual prowess - hell even i am guilty most of the time of leaving out the truth .. the whole truth about a session..

And i am thinking maybe - just maybe - it is time that some of us old ones (not necessarily old and wise - just old) came clean about the truth of Mother Nature's limits.. cause they are much more than laugh lines (from a previous post on OH MY GOD i found a wrinkle)

Because like it or not... age comes sneaking in the door... and the changes are more than the obvious - the laugh lines or the grey streaks in the hair.... Changes are thinner skin - stiff (arthritic) joints - cocks that don't go up and stay up - cunts that don't supply copious amounts of fluid or where one orgasm is good.. no GREAT..

Life is always moving forward.. dragging us along kicking and screaming.. and the real - true - challenge of LIFE .. is how we adapt to the changes - how we accept and embrace them and adapt.

i have posted a new entry to Behind the Screen.. where life is forever young...


  1. Ain't this the truth :-((

    Owner of morningstar

  2. Demanding babies can change things up a bit too.

  3. Do you really wan t to worry about what walkers we should be looking at? Or maybe what diapers prevent leaks I still want to look in the mirror and thankfully with my sight still see a twenty year old behind the haze.

    Yes i know all too well about limits mother nature has given me but really what better then having a Domme like her around keeps me in line well at least for a little while.

  4. Don't get me started on this one... I am the Queen of Bitching about the changes and the diminishments. There's no avoiding it, no forestalling it. We just have to suck it up and go forward, but it sure would be easier to do if the world weren't so overrun by all those bright, shiny, fresh, strong, healthy butts.


  5. I would think that a person's health/physical limitations would be a "no brainer" in a relationship.

    Age is the great equalizer - or unequalizer, as the case may be.

  6. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Dear morningstar,

    You said it. Again, you do put things so well. For me, i try to keep in mind that where there's a will, there's some kinda way.

    Keep doing and enjoying,
    slave freya

  7. rationally, you're right on the nose, that is the reality- but lord, emotionaly, it SUCKS.


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