Wednesday, March 04, 2009

spanking equipment

Sir has all sorts of spanking "equipment" ... from a kneeling bench .. to a spanking horse.. to a St. Andrew's Cross........ but the most devilish - evil - piece of equipment He has ... is... the couch in His living room.

Here is Sir's chair............ do you see the brown handle sticking out of the pocket on the side..

Here look closer............... see it??

Well that is a leather paddle i bought a while ago.... it wasn't really ever used at the condo so i was ordered to add it to the toys that were to be brought and left at Sir's house.
It is nasty.. a thick piece of leather that is really two pieces stitched together.. leaving the two ends free for a "slapping effect"... trust me.. the "ouch" value is high....

Now the couch is just a couch.. until Sir tells me lie face down on it... which He did the other night.. as He gleefully pulled the leather paddle out of the pocket of His chair. There was a nice fire burning in the fireplace.. candles on the window ledge.. really quite romantic !!! i was thinking .. comfy sofa.. romantic fire.. no problem. Yeah right !!! Problem with lying face down on the couch.. my head is resting on one arm and my feet pressing against the other..... see the problem?? absolutely no wiggle room....

And then Sir started off slow with the leather paddle .. and started to build.... In no time at all i was trying to wiggle.. no go.. i tried pleading.. right - like that ever works !!! so i just buried my face in the pillow.. gritted my teeth.. and decided to wait it out........

Then i am not sure what happened.. i turned my head... watched the flames dancing and licking at each other.. pretty colours of yellow and red and blue.... out of the corner of my eye i could see Sir's arm swinging the paddle.. and i half realized how hard He was swinging.. how hard the paddle was hitting..

But the weird thing..... it was like watching a movie... my ass was getting hotter... Sir's arm was moving backwards into my line of vision every second or so.. the fire was dancing and leaping... what a weirdly romantic evening........ and plenty of time to watch the fire fairies dancing and laughing and playing...............


  1. Yes only a few strange people would thik of being spanked s romantic ah is it not fun being a sub

  2. It does sound quite romantic ....

  3. Must have cost a fortune.


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