Thursday, February 05, 2009

Best features..

i was wondering the other day if men worry about their bodies the same way a woman does... like do they worry if they have a bad hair day?? do they check their faces for wrinkles??? do men look at their bodies and find their "best feature"??

A few years back.. at the beginning of my relationship with Sir.. we were camping. Sir was walking in front of me in a pair of shorts and i was studying His body... i realized that Sir has really nice legs. In my humble opinion .. most men do not have nice legs. Sir's legs are straight - no knock knees, or bowed legs...... perfectly straight and well shaped. That picture of His legs came back to me when He told me He was going to be wearing a kilt for our formal occasions.... (i will miss the tux - but one has to make sacrifices!!) And i thought to myself, Sir will have the nicest legs in the bunch !!

Then this past weekend.. when my head was going down to suck on His cock, i had another revelation ............ Sir has a really nice cock !! It is a really nice shape. It is well proportioned. The shaft is a nice thickness - just right for my mouth. The head of His cock is round and fits perfectly on top of the shaft (ok ok i know the head is supposed to fit on top of the shaft - that's not what i mean. It looks like the whole thing - shaft and head - were poured from a mold .. complete in one piece) The rim is distinct and i love running my tongue around it. The cock sits nicely against His balls like it was meant to fit there. Some cocks don't lie as nicely against the balls...... and they are crooked or a funny colour.. or have a kink in them. Sir's cock is like His legs.. straight and well shaped.

So i am thinking Sir has it made in the shade. His two best features fit well with His kilt.... legs and cock. (you know what they say a Scots man wears under his kilt !!)

One day i will take a picture and show all you doubters.. yeah i will !!!
and maybe live to tell about it .............


  1. to tell about it indeed, you naughty girl!

    I for one, am willing to offer myself as part of the jury which is to be convened to ascertain the truth of your assertions LOL

    good legs are wonderful on a men - and not something a lot of people think about - oddly, I remember thiking when I was small that my dad had GREAT legs - and doug's are nice too - not too scrawney or bow legged, but strong. I do want to add- d. has a GREAT ass as well!

    this made me giggle this morning!

  2. I don't have good legs.

  3. Legs and cock are important. I also like a good ass on a man... and he MUST have good hands. I'm a hand girl. I love to watch a man stroke his cock. (That was tmi, wasn't it?)


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