Monday, February 23, 2009

just plain weird.

Sunday was a weird sort of day....... it was snowing all day... soft gentle flakes ... steady - if the calendar read December it would be called a wonderful Christmasy snow...... but the calendar reads end of February with spring around the corner.. so the snow was not wonderful.. it was bleak.

i decided to make good use of at least part of the day ... and set to to do some beauty work... it used to take at most an hour to do all the necessary things to keep the body unmarked .. clean.. and pleasing. But as the years pass i notice it takes longer.. and i am more likely to fit all the little beautifying projects in between other more ordinary tasks. As i was tweaking and shaving and grooming and polishing i couldn't help but think of a post i read on the infamous Fetlife - written by (obviously) a youngish sub complaining about laugh lines that had suddenly appeared....... and all i could think yesterday was.. what i would give to have just some silly old laugh lines!!! i pushed the nasty evil replies to her post forming in my mind to some dark corner in there.. and finished off the grooming process with a hot steamy soapy shower.

Then ... feeling quite pleased with myself.. i sat down at the computer to read blogs.. but no one was writing .... so i started to surf the net.. reading random blogs.. jumping from one to another.. going here and there..

The first thing i noticed was the names of the blogs i was stumbling upon... i was going to list some .. but.. just in case they might just stop by here to read.. i have thought better of it... black this.. and infidelity that.. dead this.. and on and on...

i was fascinated by the writing styles of many of the blogs i stumbled onto...
from one or two lines only... entry after entry - lines that meant nothing at all to me.. and i was left wondering if the author was trying to be "arty"... to a blog where each entry was numbered.. i read Sunday's entry #141 and i noticed that the numbers were going down not up.. and i wondered what would happen when the author reached 0 - would they stop writing abruptly??

Everything i read seemed sad to me.. lonely.. depressing.. and i didn't realize how i was being pulled in by the underlining emotions... and i literally had to tear myself away.. look up at the still softly falling snow.. turn on some lights... drag myself out of the chair.. away from the computer and into the reality of MY life..

The one bright spot in my surfing.. was a website entitled Male Submission Art .... if you are the least bit interested in Fem Dommes or male submissives... or just good artwork displaying the male body.. check it out... it's worth a look or two....

pssssssssst if anyone is interested - i heard from King and Country ( the company that is "retiring" my geisha) not in 7 - 10 day working days .. but over night .. (duh!! of course over night it is in Hong Kong after all!!) AND ... drum roll please...... they are shipping my 3 geisha !!!!!!!!! i am doing a lil happy dance all around my office !!


  1. first, AWESOME about the geishas! that is wonderful!

    and I agree about the blog surfing ... I think sometimes people find writing an outlet for misery thus the plethora of 'sad' blogs. I started to write a lot more but like you, I think I'm keeping my opinions to my myself ...

  2. Just a comment on blogs are they not a place to put emotions and feelings?

    As for the figurines I am happy for you I look forward to meeting them when they arrive.

  3. Thanks for the site link, I have not had a chance to dig into it's archives much but it looks like it has some interesting images

  4. You know you're well ripened when you begin applying your foundation with a putty knife.


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