Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Back at the end of January, noirkat wrote a blog about her love for words. It was a good blog entry especially for anyone who loves words.. loves the feel of them on your tongue .. or the sound of them... or just the way they communicate feelings, thoughts, philosophies.

She pointed out that words are disappearing from our vocabulary....... and that the Oxford dictionary had a campaign going to try and bring some nearly extinct words back into circulation.

i went to take a look........... and i had to admit a goodly number of the words displayed i did not know. (ok ok i knew "10 cent store" - but i'm old ) It made me wonder why these words aren't being used anymore...


"scaevity" which means unluckiness - we all suffer from days of unluckiness .. so where did the word go??

we still have counter-espionage so where did "phylactology" go??

did you know that "yelve" means dung fork?? i personally think yelve sounds better than DUNG fork.. why did we stop using it??

what about "aquabib" - it means water drinker - doesn't it sound so much more classy than 'water drinker'??

i had fun checking out some of the words and their meanings........ if you want to take a gander go to ..........Oxford dictionary site
and give it a look see.. who knows.. you might just learn something!

i noticed as i wrote this blog entry .. every one of the words i used as examples have been underlined in red ink - (spell check at work dontcha know!!) i am gonna 'add' each word to my dictionary - cause i hate red underlines in a blog entry......... and who knows i might just use a new word or two one of these days......... cause the word Blateration most definitely describes me...

"Blateration"......... it is the word i adopted... yes you can actually adopt words at the Oxford Site......... Blateration means blabber or chatter.. seemed appropriate for me to adopt that specific word......... don't you agree??

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