Friday, February 13, 2009

Lesson in Frustration

This past week.. noirkat sent me a link for a new template she thought i might like... template for my blogs....

she was right... i loved the template... and if i am honest - i loved the fact that i would have a template that did not look like any template that Blogger offers.

So i went to the site.. Falcon Hive.. read the instructions carefully - hell i even printed up the instructions..
After a few false terrifying starts (like i lost the blog totally first time around) i got smart and set up a new blog - test blog - and started again.

Now i can follow instructions.. and i can even get the background up and running.... what i can't seem to do is get the graphics up and running.. i did everything they told me to... i even opened an account on "Photobucket" thinking that if i used the one they recommend it will work easier. WRONG !!!

What i learned this week - is that i can't read. No no .. that's not true i can read. What i can't do is play a version of "where's waldo". One of the instructions says "find the "http://YOUR-LINK-HERE/image.jpg" hidden in all the html code.

i swear that line is NOT there.. i have looked and looked.. nothing. i even tried plunking in the line in various parts of the html code where i thought it might work... again nothing !!!

This morning i am wondering why i like frustrating myself.. especially during a month (at work) that by it's name is frustrating !!! February terrifying tax month. (don't ask) ...... all you really need to know is that i spend at least 8 hours a day staring at spread sheets trying to find mistakes.. my own tax version of "where's waldo"............

So i have decided ... that i am either dumb or blind.. and that if i leave it alone for a while .. like till March...... and the end of February terrifying tax month....... maybe my brain will be able to handle the Falcon Hive version of "where's waldo".

However having said that.......if anyone has used a template from Falcon Hive.. managed to get it up and working.......... any and all help would be appreciated..... just "talk" slow .. cause i am feeling dumb enough right now !!!


  1. Anonymous9:24 am

    i haven't used a template from that site - hell, i haven't even looked at the site - but what i will suggest is this: have you tried copying the whole HTML into a word processing program or even notepad and then using the "find" function to find say "YOUR-LINK-HERE"?

    don't worry about feeling silly. Master is a sysadmin who writes a lot of code/HTML and stuff like that and sometimes he'll be wrestling his brain with something and getting really frustrated and i go.. "what's wrong?" he tells me, and i go.. "you mean there?" and i get dagger looks. cos i just fixed it. fresh eyes n that.

    Happens to the best of us! And i hope you get it sorted!


  2. Hey, my other blog is called "test blog" too!

    great minds etc. I went to the template site and saw some pretty nice ones.

    Hugs and good luck!

  3. Sorry for sending you something that is causing you such grief. I was hoping that wouldn't happen.
    I do hope you can work it out, find it, whatever you need. It is a lovely template.


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