Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blateration continued...

Yesterday - February 10, 2009 - was a red letter day.

It was the day i posted my 1000 blog entry (on this blog)

On April 28, 2005 i started this blog. On that day i wrote:

i am a collared submissive who has been writing a private daily journal for just over 3 years now... some have asked to read them... Now i am ready for any and all interested in my life inside the BDSM world and outside it to read my thoughts..........

i do not live a full 24/7 with my Sir.. vanilla life commitments keep us apart from Monday to Thursday. But Sir arrives each Friday and leaves Monday morning. Sometimes i struggle with His leaving.. with taking up my vanilla life again....... It is not always an easy transition.. but it is what we must do for now.

and now this public journey begins...........

And 1000 posts later here we are.

In between there were one helluva lot of words that flew off my fingers on to this medium. Today i wonder how i ever came up with enough blateration to fill 1000 posts. i have taken you all into the intimate side of my relationship with Sir.. into my job and the trials and tribulations of working with needy children.. i have talked about my lil red honda.. and family and family weddings.. i have questioned - god have i questioned !! - my place in this dynamic we call BDSM... i have discussed philosophies and do's and don'ts .. i have bounced from one topic to another and given you all headaches (i am sure) ...

And the bonus - the greatest prize i got from all this writing - was YOU my readers. My faithful ones who come each day to read what i write.. some of you i have come to know and now i read your blogs..some of you leave encouraging comments, send me emails, pat me on the back or slap me upside the head when i need laugh with me and cry with me.. YOU have been with me through it all.. through all 1000 posts (well some of you - the rest of you will just have to catch up!!)

And now - for the next 1000 blogs........... who knows where it will take me - take us - but i am ready for it............ come along with me on my continuing journey............


  1. wow! 1000 blogs! That is AWESOME, Congratulations! and thank you for providing fodder for thought, humour, for sharing your world with us and by doing so, reaffirming the human connection ...

  2. What a fantastic milestone! Congrats on having so much to say. I've come to enjoy your candor and openness. Thanks for keeping it real and all about you.


  3. Congratulations on your 1000 posts!! I've been back reading your posts since I started reading your blog about a month ago. I've read just over a year's worth, and still back reading whenever I'm free! Your writing is fab! =)

  4. 1000 posts, wow! Wish I had been reading since 2005 but I only discovered the joy of blogs in 2007. Looking forward to reading the next 1000 posts :-)


  5. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Huge Congratulations!

    I don't often comment, but I have you in my reader so nearly always read.

    Its been a fascinating journey to take with you....thank you for having us along. I'm certainly looking forward to where you take us next.

    love and hugs xxx

  6. Ok, I am a faithful reader ...but I dont come each day...

    I have vanilla commitments.....

    and I dont even like icecream..sigh!


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