Friday, February 27, 2009

Veggies anyone??

Before i go very far with this blog...... i want to add an extra advisory .. that this blog.. this entry to this blog is for ADULTS ONLY !!!

ok.. now that all the children have left the room.........

It is amazing what one does when boredom hits. Last Sunday - when i was feeling crappy and Sir was off on a "play date"...... i flipped on the television and started flipping channels. i stumbled across a show .. entitled 1000 Ways to Die.

Have any of you watched this show??? oh my god.. i sat there watching and thinking to myself - this is like watching a train wreck. Not believing half the stuff i saw.. despite the fact they had doctors and other specialists documenting the whys and hows of each individual accident.. i still didn't believe it. i went to "Urban Legends" and couldn't find one nibble on the acts i saw re-enacted. Therefore i have to assume these documentations of death by stupidity have to be real.

BUT there was one that really made me sit up and pay attention. There was a story of a woman who masturbated regularly - a nympho i believed they called her. (rolling eyes) ..
Turns out the woman went grocery shopping and picked up some big carrots....

Now we all know that carrots are the right shape..often the right size.. and more often than not in the fridge. Carrots are a favourite topic between Cloud and Sir....... carrots as dildos - not how to cook them.

Anyway - getting back to the TV show.. turns out this woman used a nice big carrot to masturbate with............. and managed to kill herself doing it !! i couldn't believe it.. turns out .. according to their medical expert .......... the carrot had not been cleaned.. nor had a condom been put on it.. turns out there was a sharp ridge.... and the sharp ridge cut the interior of her vagina........ she was pumping that old carrot in and out.. quite vigorously.. and in the process - pumped into her blood stream an air bubble... that traveled to her heart and killed her.

So be warned you vegetable lovers out there........ clean your carrots.. put condoms on them... protect yourself.. it would seem one needs to practice safe sex with carrots too !!!


  1. Anonymous6:33 am

    I saw that same show and wondered the same thing.

    I just don't know. Clearly, I should be dead by now. ;-)


  2. you are so right my dear, perhaps we should talk of Leeks. they have a gentle skin with a nice body to them. MOst of all they come with different size heads. They are from the onion family and I believe so they should give off a strigent liquid to cleanse and burn any cut. If woried vinegar is an option. Hmmm I think it is salad time. Play safe and wrap you vegies before use. Now what of celery?

  3. I saw that too!! I thought that POOR POOR woman - to be found that way!

  4. It DOES give new meaning to the exression "tossing the salad"! :)

  5. OMG!!!!! And around this house, we are all vegetarians! Damn! The poor woman, but that is too funny to think that you have to put a lampshade on a carrot, for God's sake. But then again, safety first... above all else!

  6. You trying ta put me off eating vegies?


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