Thursday, July 31, 2008

On Trainings.......

i went off yesterday to visit with our dear friend Cloud...... we were supposed to go swimming but like almost every day this summer.. it clouded over by 10 am and was just miserable... so we sat at the pool and talked the morning away... of course settling all the world's problems .. including peace.

One topic that we got onto was Training...... and i know when i used to visit in the BDSM chat rooms that that was a rather "hot topic". i usually kept my mouth shut (and yeah believe it or not i CAN keep my mouth shut) because i had spent 18 months (wayyyyyyy back when) in a "house" with many submissives/slaves and i had been assigned to one of the older more experienced slaves. (i think i may have talked about him before.. or mentioned him in passing - i honestly don't remember).

Most of those in the chat rooms did not believe in training.. most said they would prefer to be trained by their Master... or in the case of a Dominant's comment - They wanted to train their own slaves and couldn't see the point to a sub being trained PRIOR to be being collared.

To me this wasn't rocket science.......... and it didn't make any sense to me....
IF i am with a Dominant.. He/She will train me to suit their needs..........yes i agree. But what happens if - god forbid - the relationship ends. Does that mean i no longer have any worth because i have been trained?? Does that make sense to you???

Maybe it has to do with how each of us views this community of BDSM........ if you are realy in it for the kinky sex.. (and yummy isn't kinky sex grand!!??) then of course any 'training' you may have received by another Dominant may NOT apply .........

BUT if you are trained in the "Old Leather" ways or "Old Guard" ways.... you are set for life as far as i am concerned... the intricate rituals/protocols of the more formal lifestyle do not change from one Dominant to another - much like saying 'please and thank you' or actually rsvping to an invitation.. social skills - pure and simple - but at another level.

About 8 years ago or so.. i read a book entitled "To Love, To Obey, To Serve" The diary of an Old Guard Slave by V.M Johnson. (some of you in the leather community in the States might have heard of her.. she won many awards ) It was the most mind boggling book i have ever read.

i cannot do justice to her writings .. her impact on so many lives.............. BUT you can read more about her here at wikipedia or read her blog here........

Since i read her writings she has become a sort of inspiration to me to strive harder to please.. to be more graceful a submissive (for lack of a better term) and to go forth with confidence.

Training periods are just that.. periods of time in one's life. When they are finished one moves on...... (usually).... with confidence that what they have learned will be tweaked and honed and perfected by the next Dominant...........This time should never be seen as worthless...........


  1. here here, well said

  2. Makes perfect sense to me!

  3. I can even understand its gotta make sense.....errrr I think!


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