Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If i ruled the world.......

Did you all think i had forgotten the questions?? well i haven't.. i have been keeping them for dry days....... when i am brain dead (and no smart ass remarks are necessary over that one!!!)

And so the next question....... actually two questions.. in my feeble mind .. they are kind of the same.. so i will answer them together..........
Are there things your Sir does, or makes you do, that just does not coincide with your expectation of what bdsm is "supposed" to be? If you were in charge, what would be different about your bdsm life?

To be honest - brutally honest - i would say the main thing Sir does that does not coincide with my expectations of BDSM is that as much as He is a sadist..... He is also a G.O.S. (good old Sir) ...........

He often times gives into my moods.. my ..... my.......i don't know what to call it........ but often times i feel He lets me get away with things.. lets me be a brattylocks.. or stubborn subbie....

Often times i would like to feel His hand holding tight to the chains..... pulling me back.. focusing me.. BUT on the other hand.. He also says i have been trained to do what He likes and He shouldn't have to tighten anything i should be doing it willingly and freely........ sighhhhhhhh.. but i do miss the tone He used when He trained me.. the tight hold He had over my life when He was training me.. i do !!!

He wants a graceful submissive........ but it just isn't that easy to be that........ cause sometimes i feel like i am subbing in a vacuum..... know what i mean??? where i am doing all the right things and they aren't being acknowledged........ He is just doing His thing.. and i am all "yes Sir .. no Sir...... 3 bags full Sir" and i feel like i am alone in this BDSM thingy............

NOW............ if i ruled the world...... what would be different??? Easy answer cause it is something i fantasize about a lot of the time.........

i would have a community (literally and figuratively) that was ONLY BDSM.. like a gated community..... only it would be self contained..

Everyone living here would be actively living BDSM........ so the slaves/subs could go out shopping in chains and fet wear and not raise an eyebrow....... Dominants would walk around with crops or whips or whatever they liked hanging from their belt........... subs could crawl or kneel in public and no one would think a thing of it...... subs could be made to expose themselves to others at their Master's whim without hesitation.......

Subs could be hung from the trees.. or flogged in the square..
Where dinner parties would have naked slaves serving at long wooden tables with the Dominants seated ...... where after dinner entertainment would involve whips and chains and pain .......oh yeahhhhhhhhh

There would be dorms for single subs.. and Houses for single Dominants.. and a mayor elected not for the size of his cock .. or for his talking the talk.. but for his ability to understand and appreciate all the various styles of BDSM.. for His knowledge and compassion .. experience.

Oh there would be committees to oversee all sorts of things.. from public events.. to handling the vanilla world outside the gates.. to investigating complaints against Doms.. subs.. etc..........

AND there would be an old folks home for aging Dominants and submissives....... with a big wide porch to sit on.. with rocking chairs ......... and maybe a dildo or two set into one or two of the rockers .. so the aging submissives could still enjoy some sensual titillation......

IF i ruled the world....................


  1. Where do I cast my vote for you ? you know then that rule book would have to be written best get started I feel a revolution in the works!

  2. Anonymous1:34 pm

    That sounds like Heaven - I want to come live in your world!


  3. I had to laugh... I've heard that "Yes Sir, No Sir, Three bags full Sir" bit from T on many an occasion. Never knew anyone else went there :-)

    As for your "world," I don't know how many times I've dreamed that we could find a nice piece of property somewhere and begin to build a community that would be full of "us," and where "they" would be the outsiders and the foreigners. How wonderful it seems to imagine a place where we could live as we might choose to if we were not so much the outside culture.

    hugs, swan

  4. I remember a discussion I once had with my daughter. Part of it went, "You do right because it is right."

  5. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Please reserve me a spot..sounds like heaven!

  6. I would have a vanilla committe to explain to the vanilla people that ........hey it's a world that we should be sharing and be undertsanding even if we may or may not agree.........

  7. LOLOL.. I bet there will be some fights over those dildo chairs... ;-)))

  8. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Have you been reading Anne Rice's Beauty Trilogy again?




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