Friday, July 18, 2008

weekly tasks

Most of us have tasks we complete for our Masters/Sirs - whatevers... mundane daily/weekly tasks. i am no different.. i have my daily journal entry that is supposed to be in Sir's email box by 7:30 each morning (though i must admit i have been pushing the limits on that one since i discovered i can actually sleep in) i must keep the house tidy and reasonably clean (though that would happen even if it wasn't assigned as i am a bit obsessive over tidiness)
AND the biggy..... i am supposed to shave my entire body - pink bits included on Friday.

Now Sir used to shave me every Friday soon after He arrived - but for some reason that ritual has fallen by the wayside (like so many - see me pout??) So the task has fallen to me....

Now don't get me wrong.. i LOVE being all smooth and pink ..... but i don't much like the shaving bit....

First i tried shaving in the shower.. foot up on the edge of the tub.. but that didn't work all that well as i couldn't really see what i was doing....

Then i discovered it was much easier to slap on the shaving cream in front of the bathroom mirror... and if i spread my legs just so.. and tilted my pelvis just right.. i could sort of .. kind of.. see what i was doing......

Now i have a new bathroom.. and the big ugly mirror that was only good for shaving is gone..... and i am back to shaving blind......

Then i used to get all this ugly unsightly shaving rash .. red bumpy things that sprung up almost instantaneously after shaving...... Sir read somewhere that Gold Bond medicated powder would work.. and it does !! No shaving bumps.. but god does it burn !!! cold burn.. know what i mean?? so hot it feels freezing cold.........

Anyway.. the whole point to this .. is... this morning i wasn't much in the mood for shaving.. BUT it is Friday...... sooooooo i got out the shaving apparel and set to it....... the next thing i know (cause at that point i sure didn't feel it) i had blood trickling down my leg.
OH MY GOD !!! i had put in a new blade and completely forgotten !!! i had managed to shave off a layer or two of skin in not one.. not two .. but three different areas !!! OUCH !!

Now i am sitting at the computer desk - with the Gold Bond powder on.. legs spread wide in front of the fan....... hoping that the damn bleeding will stop so that i can actually put some clothes on !!! (yeah yeah i know.. submissives don't actually HAVE to wear clothes)

There has got to be a better way...... there has to be !!!


  1. I would think it almost impossible to cut yourself with the blade razors they sell these days. That said, there may well be those who are, ah, shaving challenged. For those I suggest they pick up a styptic pencil. That will stop a razor nick from bleeding almost instantly.

  2. Exactly what I was saying in your other post about shaving... I love to be 'clean'... but I now almost 'hate' the process it takes to go there... I'm thinking of waxing... not by myself... Ouch!!! or to go to laser... and have it all removed for good... but the price?? $$$$$$... Ouch again!!!
    Wish your skin removal is feeling better by now... ;-(((

    And... thanks for your appreciation on this last photo!!

  3. For all the guy-types, like Buffalo, who figure it is next to impossible to cut yourself with a standard issue, store-bought razor, I'd suggest that you get yourself a nice, new, fresh razor; sit yourself down with your legs spread wide; lather up and shave all the hair off the manly equivalent of "girly bits." Don't forget to keep that styptic pencil handy.


  4. Anonymous5:07 am

    awww sweetie- i feel for you! nothing is worse than getting razor knicks on such tender bits..... i myself like to soak in a very warm bath,after a few minutes i take a soapy wash cloth and wash the whole area- kinda like a loofah, but gentler.. then with legs spread i lather up... running the razor slowly.... afterwards i take a soapy wash cloth and go over the whole area again... seems to stop the bumps ( most the time im done with my bath, i lotion my whole body including the soft girly parts.. anyway, it works for and i shave every other day- unless im with Master, then its every day, just so im completely smooth.. i hope you are all healed up by now!


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