Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cunt anyone??

ok.. now that i have your attention......

After yesterday's rather heavy discussion on processing pain...... i figured it was way past time to lighten things up around here.........

First of all - and don't ask me why - i decided to look at some cunt pictures.. there are so many different sizes and shapes.. shaven and non shaven

There are roundish ones.......

And there are elongated ones....

check out the size of the clit...........

This one has to be my personal favourite ............

Now as you all know by now - whether you wanted to know it or not... i always shave my cunt and keep it as naked as the day i was born............ but there are a whole mess of women who don't .. and a whole mess of men that enjoy a nice thick tidy bush.........

On one of my surfing expeditions ..... i found this web site from France that sells erotic/sensual undergarments (for lack of a better word)........

So from naked cunts i take you to the well-dressed cunt...........

And if they aren't sexy enough for you........ how about a seashell with a little added extra for the wearer's enjoyment??

Now if we take a little hop skip and a jump across the English Channel..... the British have something called "Merkin's World". They don't sell sexy lingerie.. no no .. something quite different....... and i can't help but say.. trust the British (and don't yell at me .. i AM British)

They sell wigs for cunts....... wigs !!!

Here's a sampling of what they have.. and what they look like.. you can - should you be so inclined - design your own !!!!

Inquiring minds want to know.. how do they keep those lil wigs in place?? glue??? double sided tape??? can i say OUCH??!!

i don't know.. there is something about the last 'wig' that appeals to me.. god can you imagine Sir's face when He discovered THAT covering my cunt???

So many cunts - so many different sizes and shapes and colours ........ and so many different ways to decorate them.......... we should have a celebrate the cunt day !!!


  1. Seems that great minds run in similar veins these days :-)


  2. Anonymous10:45 am

    Oh my gosh. Some of those panties are freakin' FABULOUS.

  3. You always have my attention.

    Pussy wigs...who would have thought?

  4. Anonymous5:13 pm

    omg, LOVE the shell. And the wigs for cunts cracked me up!

    "how do they keep those lil wigs in place?? glue??? double sided tape??? can i say OUCH??!!"

    Too funny!

  5. And I always thought a cunt was a nasty person........go figure!

  6. Can anyone tell me where to buy those shell panties? I love to give them to my wife for her B-Day

  7. hinote:

    Sorry - i stumbled across the pictures sometime in the summer... the only thing i know is that the panties were from a shop in France.

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  8. Littleone I finally found the website for them shell panties pretty pricey for me but lets see if my wife loves it.
    enjoy and thanks


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