Tuesday, July 01, 2008

a little this.. a little that

Yesterday morning the renovation guy arrived... and the work on my bathroom started.... i meant to take a picture of the ugly vanity that was there....... of the yellowish/goldish sink and tarnished brass fixtures....... but it was such a relief to know they were going that i forgot.......

It took pretty much the better part of the day to rip out the cabinet.. the medicine chest.. the wall to wall mirror and fluorescent .. yes i said fluorescent.. light that hung above the mirror.... to expose the pipes and the .. you won't believe this.. the PINK tiles that were under the cabinet........PINK!!! Everything was dug up removed and plastered over.. and i was left with the picture above at 4:30 when he left.........

i can not imagine now.. can not see in my mind's eye... what the new vanity.. new mirror and new cabinet will look like.. i do know there will be some problems.. like the drainage pipe that runs along the wall exposed ....... (can't be sunk into the wall as it is an outside wall ..and here in the Great White North - we tend to like our water pipes inside the house) the damn light fixture wires that are most definitely not in a good spot.. and some government code says they can not be plastered over...

For now i can shower in the dark..... brush my teeth in the kitchen (or the shower if i wish) and pee in the dark...... no electricity into the room...... and only water to shower and flush............ the upstairs is upside down - what a mess !!! and god only knows how long this is gonna take.. the clock is ticking.. the wedding is exactly 11 days away.... and i have the 'girls' sleeping over on the friday.. a house full of women to get showered and made up and dressed before the wedding......... the pressure is definitely on !!!!


oh yeah.... and because my dear friend Buffalo is chomping at the bit to get a look at this month's story........ and emailed as the clock turned the day from Monday the 30th to Tuesday the 1st... and because i am SUCH a brat... the next installment of the fictional journey will be posted today....... but i am not saying when!!! it is written and waiting in the gate......... waiting for the right time.... (the kid in me is going "nah nah nah !!!")

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  1. Hmm. I would think you would like the pink tiles.


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