Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer fun..

For some unfathomable reason.. i have been waiting for my summer holidays to begin......... (school finished last friday!!) i think having the renovator in all week ripping the hell out of the bathroom has made me feel .. stifled. AND i am still on a schedule.. i am up bright and early every morning .. showered and dressed and the coffee on by 7:30 - that is NOT summer vacation !!!

Yesterday i had to go out and run some messages...... and i asked Sir if i might have permission to go to the second hand book store and buy a bagful of books. My summer vacation is rated excellent when i have spent it curled up in my secret garden.... under the umbrella...... reading. And this year .. between one thing and another, i really hadn't stocked up on any summer reading. Sooooooo i went.. and i browsed.. and i teetered to the cash with my arms full (absolutely totally full ) of books. While the girl was sorting through them all.. (and joy of joys.. it turned out for every 3 books i bought i got one free!!) i was looking through a bin of discounted books ......... and what to my surprise did i find at the bottom of the pile....... but a book called "House Rules". It really caught my eye because the other night Sir and i were chatting with the new lil subbie.... and we had been discussing Sir's house rules. Flipping through the pages i realized i had stumbled on a piece of BDSM fiction. wow !!! and it was only $1.76....... i couldn't believe my good luck.

And so today..... while the rain pounded against the windows.. and the renovator guy was pounding away in the bathroom.. i curled up in the big comfy chair and started reading "House Rules"......... ( i have to say their house rules are more interesting and more fun than Sir's !!!)

The renovator announced that he intends to have the bathroom finished before he leaves tomorrow (god why does that sound ominous??) The sun has peaked out.. and i am thinking by next week....... maybe just maybe it will feel like summer vacation !!!

And to celebrate the start of summer vacation i have posted - on the photo journey - some summer fun pics. Enjoy


  1. I miss prowling through book stores.

  2. Anonymous9:09 am

    Before Sir and i moved to San Antonio i used to go the used book stores all the time. ohhhhhh time for me to find some around here.

    I've never read "House Rules" i might have to look that up.

    Enjoy the reading....

    Big Hugs
    His mija~


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