Tuesday, July 08, 2008

to shave or not to shave

(with my apologies to Mr. Shakespeare)
to shave or not to shave that is the question!!

i was first shaved some 30 odd years ago prior to surgery.......... and i loved it.. especially in the heat of the summer. And so i have remained clean shaven for the most part... right up to this day.

Now i shave or am shaved because it pleases Sir as much as it pleases myself.. the other factor is my clit jewelry - from time to time Sir will order me to display it to other folks (in the lifestyle !!) and i wouldn't want to have to hunt for it in a wilderness of hair.

BUT having said that...... there are times that i wonder about the psychology of this contentment i feel at being as naked of hair as the day i was born.

i have spent some time wondering if this is healthy....... am i .. in some weird subconscious way ... trying to escape back to my childhood. God forbid - am i looking for a 'daddy' figure??? age play??? and i would answer quite truthfully - not even close !! i just really like the feel of it.. the absolute availability of it..the exposure of it.

A few days ago i got into a discussion with another female about shaving. (she doesn't) and she equates it with feeling feminine. (Now before anyone jumps all over me.. i respect her feelings and her opinions.......but it got me to thinking)

Could it be possible that women who don't shave are actually hiding their sexual femininity?? are they feeling repressed sexually?? not wanting to admit to being a sexual being??

Could it be possible that women who do shave are less sexually inhibited.. more in tune to their bodies needs/wants/desires... that they are proud of their bodies and their sexuality and are willing to show it off (not literally - for heaven's sakes!! i mean figuratively !!)

Oh welllllll it is a bit like the debate of how many angels can dance on a head of a pin.... i don't expect any right or wrong answers...... it's just something i am musing over as i lay in the sun and soak up the joy of summer vacation and end of renovations......... and charge the batteries before the wedding (4 more days)


  1. Anonymous1:13 pm

    I love to be smooth. I've shaved since i was 16. The first time my mom walked in the bathroom and saw me shaving she almost came unglued. I tried to explain to her i was a competitive swimmer and it just looked better in my swimming suit but that was not 100% honest. I did it and i still do because it give me this really erotic feeling even if noone sees it but me.

    Big Hugs
    His mija~

  2. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I like being clean shaven, it's a nice erotic feeling when there is no bush to hide behind and EVERYTHING is exposed for his pleasure. Some prefer a nice full grown bush to root around in and that makes them feel womanly. To each their own.


  3. Does it really matter?

  4. Anonymous8:34 am

    Wifey doesn't shave ... and doesn't ever feel sexy ...
    Perhaps shaving would be a switch, but she was shaved for birthing before, and that put her off for life.
    I love being smooth, but such a lot of work :(

  5. I too feel much better full shaved... but the task of doing it is becoming what it said... a task... For years, it was a pleasure... I am now thinking of having that all remove by laser... and I think you are thinking right... at least, my thoughts are going that way too.. ;-))


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