Sunday, February 19, 2006

on the way back

The doctor said it was the flu....... a bad case of the flu.. she gave me pills to stop the mystery pain... she shooed me back to work. Do i feel any better?? i think so.. but it would seem every time i say i am feeling better things get worse again... so i have been hiding.. going to work .. coming home falling into bed exhausted... taking the pills to make the mystery pain go away..... some days it is gone.. completely gone.. some days i can feel it nibbling just on the edges...

But Sir came this weekend...... and it felt so good to have Him here.. life felt normal again.. i cooked and i cleaned.. on Friday night Sir used His Valentine's present (from me to Him) to amuse Himself..........

i should have bought more........ BUT honestly when i saw them (clothes pegs with valentine's hearts who would have thought it !?) i really saw them on my pussy lips.. not on my tits... ohhhhhhhhhh well who can completely anticipate what a Sir will do??

Then last night Sir wanted His snake whip... the ugly painful .. i can't possibly take another stroke .. snake whip. i was spoiled.. i didn't get strung up from the chains in the basement.. i didn't get tied to the cross.. i was allowed to lie at Sir's feet on my pillow while He practiced with the whip......... AHHHHH He was delighted.. He hadn't lost the knack of twisting His wrist and flicking the whip and making me jump 10 feet in the air screeching!!! He even managed to raise a couple of welts..

He wanted to do a little tit practice.. a little nipple hitting practice.. i HATE tit practice.. i HATE nipple hitting practice.. but Sir did it... and yeah He even managed a couple of dead on bullseye hits to my nipples. Yippeee for Sir... ouch for me...

But when it was all over and i was lying safely protected in my Sir's arms.. i just had to argue with Sir.. i was a wimp.... i had to be a wimp.. i couldn't take as much as normal.. He didn't even work up a sweat.. self doubts.. god ya gotta love those self doubts......... Then this morning.... i am awake on line reading the blogs...... feeling contented that life just might be returning to normal when i went to Sir's blog and all those feelings of being a wimp.. of not being good enough.. of not fulfilling my Sir's desires vanished like a puff a smoke... tears filled my eyes.... i am - you know.. AM .. such a lucky submissive!!!


  1. well well after reading your blog and then Sirs I guess there is a happy D/s couple in the area is there not. Now on to the sub olypics hmmmm I see you have started training for the nipple weights I guess I have to get k in shape if we are even to place close to you let alone on the podium for a medal. Oh that Sir always ahead of the pack.

  2. Anonymous7:06 am

    I LOVE those clothespins. I want some.
    No I don't.
    Yes I do.
    I DO.
    And yowsers. Nice job on that ass.
    Glad you are feeling better..:)


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