Friday, February 03, 2006

Delicate Issues

i have deleted my entry on lying. In no way did i ever mean to cause pain or discomfort to anyone. What i post here are my opinions.. and i am learning sometimes my opinions are best kept to myself.


  1. :(
    I hope all is ok.

  2. your opinions are valid, your right to express them is as well. I happen to agree with most of what you had to say about lies and think it's a sad day that you feel forced to delete it.

  3. dae: yeah yeah everything is fine... just me learning to keep my tongue between my teeth... not a bad lesson for everyone to learn i guess.. and relearn and relearn as the case may be... shrug..

    sons of pythagoras: thank you for your kind words .... i have actually sent you a little email.... curiosity IS most definitely my downfall...

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  4. I'll delete my opinions when they pry this keyboard from my cold dead hands. If something I say happens to come close to home with any particular reader, then I hope it prompted an examination of what I said, rather than a knee-jerk hostile reaction. If you honestly think what a blogger says is a personal attack on you, then you have issues you need to address that go much further than the opinion written, unless of course, you were named, in which case the author needs to address what blogging is really about. Keep on keeping on, littleone........

  5. Michael - you are .. as always.. very sweet...

    no one made me "Bob".. and maybe i was playing BOB a little bit and that isn't right....shrug...i will leave BOB to do his job...... and.. i .. will keep on keeping on..

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  6. i think its a great shame you deleted the blog, and although i can also understand why you did so, i feel deleting it was unnecessary.

    As others have said, this is your blogspace, if people don't like it they can hit the X. But really, this isn't about what was said *here*, is it - although your blog touched on the same subject. I didn't see anything wrong with the comment that was left, at the end of the day, hon, you asked a valid question - as the original blogger herself admitted.

    i hope you can talk to your Sir about this, about what happened, and find a way forward - Master still has copy of your blog i think (from his RSS feed) so if you didn't keep a copy, but want one, please let me know and i will see what i can do.

    In the meantime i want you to know: i pointed out that the lady in question had left a comment on her blog for you because i felt it might help you, and because it named you specifically. I was saddened to see that it had had this effect and i apologise if my meddling hurt you.

    big bluemonsterhuggggggsssssss



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