Sunday, February 05, 2006

a flick of the wrist

It would seem that blogger has experienced some difficulties this weekend....... most of the comments that folks made to my blog yesterday did not and have not appeared on it...... BUT do not dispair .. they did come through in my email. As well, i want to thank those that took the time to contact either myself or Sir personally. via email. to voice your support of my freedom of speech.......

now it is time to move on ........ to the damage a flick of one's wrist can inflict..........

Remember the snake whip i gave to Sir for His birthday??? Remember the pictures of the welts it raised on my legs??? Remember how i said how much i loved that snake whip??? Welllllllllll STOP THE PRESSES... i wish to retract that statement!!!! what WAS i thinking??? i must have been visiting my fairies.. i must have been temporarily insane.. that's it !! temporary insanity that will be my plea!!

You see... yesterday i .. being the angelic GOOD subbie i am.. i happened to notice that Sir did not have His usual 2 toys beside Him in the living room. On one of my trips downstairs to check on the laundry .. i grabbed the leather tawse and the snake whip... smiling sweetly to myself thinking how much i do enjoy that snake whip.

Well at one point yesterday i was looking forlornly out the living room window at the rain pelting down and getting lost in my thoughts about how miserable rain is compared to snow etc.. not really paying all that much attention to what my Sir was getting up to... literally and figuratively. i just suddenly felt the sting and the bite of the snake whip across my ass.. i jumped a bit .. but then settled down.. putting my hands on the top of the table and pushing my ass back and out for Sir.. making it an easier / better target. i was floating along quite nicely on the rhythm of the bite and sting....... when suddenly there was this horrific CRACK of the whip and then it BIT...... and i do mean BIT into my ass..... i must have levitated 6 feet off the floor!!! grabbed my ass and did this Irish jig type dance around the table. What the heck was that!!! Sir burst out laughing... and said He had found a new method of using the snake whip.. something to do with flicking His wrist and cracking the whip... i am supposed to understand what the H*LL He discovered??!!! i just know WHAT i discovered.... that that snake whip is no longer my favourite toy!! it is a mother blankety blank blank miserable awful hateful toy!!!! and i have this sinking feeling i am gonna get to spend my day leaning over the table by the window watching the rain pelt down.. while Sir flicks His wrist........ and more's the pity Sir does NOT intend to watch the Super Bowl game........... it's gonna be a longggggggg day.


  1. Again I ask, is that good pain or bad pain?

    No matter what you write, you are always thought provoking. That is a GOOD thing, hon.

  2. It's funny how your favorite toys can suddenly turn against you and quite literally bit you in the ass. I have had that very same thing happen....hmmm wonder where that toy ever went ~innocent shrug~ maybe your Master should wear wrist splints so no wrist flicking is allowed (okay am guessing that will be a no go but it was worth a thought) lol good luck


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