Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sticking my 2 cents in....

On a couple of blogs that i read.. there has been some discussion about BDSM and kids.... i nearly posted a comment on one site...... then after reading kaya's blog.. i decided it had been handled............ BUT.. it kept nagging at the back of my mind...

Before i begin.. just a little short introduction...... i have been involved in the education of children (and to some degree parents) for the last 20+ years..... i have never much liked the idea of "sex ed"... to me it has been and always will be the job of the parents to instill in their children their family values and morals.......... BUT every so often i am asked to speak to a family re appropriate behaviours.... so over the years i have done more than my share of "educating" families on appropriate behaviours....... and i was asked a few years back to write an article on BDSM and families for BDSMCircle...... if you wish to read the article in its entirety it is here.............Parents and BDSM

Both of my children know about my lifestyle choice... both were told when they were young adults.... and i know both have struggled with the lessons i taught them growing up and the seeming contradictions of the lifestyle. i taught my girls to be strong women.. to be independent.. to be free thinkers... to stand up for what they believe in....... i taught them about the value of religion .. the strength of family.. the wisdom of the ages...... i taught them everything i thought they might need to grow up to be wise beautiful women...... and i do believe i succeeded... i made mistakes (ohhhhhhh don't we all make mistakes - especially in raising children!!) i wanted to give them enough raw material (so to speak) so that they could make educated decisions about what to do with their lives when they were ready to fly the nest.. i never ever intended them to believe that what i taught was carved in stone.. no no.. more like written in sand.. to be edited and changed and yes even occasionally totally washed away........

life is about change.. and making decisions.. some good some bad.. and learning from them and moving forward.. not getting stuck in the past and fermenting there. And in a recent discussion with eldest daughter..... i said that i believed to be submissive one had to be a VERY strong character..... to give the gift of submission there has to be some strength of character to make it an actual gift. i think she understood.. i hope she understood.... this mom is just as strong willed / stubborn and determined as ever... just now i have someone to share the load with...........


  1. Very well articulated littleone.


  2. I do not doubt that a submissive is strong in character... You are probably one of the strongest women I know... I like to think that I got at least some of my resolve and determination from you.

    One thing that I have learned in growing up is that parents always have the best intentions, and in your daughters case - we may not have understood your teachings at the time, but guarenteed we do now. The "rules" that you taught us allowed us to go through life, and become who we are now... And despite a few obsessive cleaning/cooking skills that we have, we turned out pretty well :)

    Just my 2 cents


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