Sunday, October 16, 2005

my gold star

For some reason when i am sick i always feel ... welll... just a tad broken. In my private journal to Sir on Friday morning i asked Him not to come to the house. i knew i was gonna have to work a full day..... and i knew my strength was still not 100%. Sir, after much deliberation, agreed not to come Friday but would arrive Saturday morning.......

And so our weekend started a day late and a dollar short. When Sir did arrive.. His energy filled the house....... i could feel it !!! Sir gave me a choice... bring Him the butt plug..... or bring Him the pretty tawse.......... (blushing furiously) i most definitely was NOT up for a session of hold the subbie down while stuffing the butt plug up....... so it really wasn't any choice...... the pretty tawse it was:

now i am thinking "He can't be seriously thinking of using THAT on me"......... but you guessed it!!! He was not only thinking of it.. He did !!!! The afternoon went a little like this...... i would lie quietly curled up under a comforter on my pillow watching TV.. but as soon as an advertisement would come on.. Sir would order me to roll over and present my ass. Then He would pick up the tawse and go to work on my ass for the duration of the advertisements. Then i would roll back over snuggle again under the comforter and watch till the next set of advertisements........ i assure you that Sir didn't go easy on my lil ass....... even if i was still feeling a 'tad broken' ........ He wanted to play and i am His toy...... simple equation!!! At one point Sir exclaimed that the cut outs in the tawse were leaving such pretty markings on my ass....... geeeeeeee isn't that sweet !!??? At another point i was remembering kaya’s #1 lesson to be shared which was "STOP Motherfucker" is not a safe word. i have no idea how long this whip the subbie's ass / watch some tv / whip the subbie's ass went on.......... i do know i got to see the fog..... but i didn't get to swoop through it and come out the other side in the land of rainbows BUT i did catch a gold star and held onto it tightly........ i know that at one point Sir had me get up on all fours and proceeded to fuck me silly - all the while i am thinking i can NOT possibly have an orgasm.. i can't !!! i am too weak......... but .. well.. Sir rarely if ever takes NO for an answer to anything...... so there i was hanging on to the sofa for support and thrusting back onto His hand begging to be allowed to cum....... and of course permission granted i did cum........ and my body shook and trembled and twitched from it.....

i was allowed to go and put the finishing touches on dinner and to serve it..... before being ordered back onto the pillow. For Sir's evening entertainment, i wasn't allowed to roll over.. this time it was my pussy and inner thighs turn to feel the sting of the tawse.... same routine though.. watch the TV show and during the advertisements off came the comforter.... At one point to get a better aim?? or a better swing?? (i am honestly not sure which) Sir stood between my legs.. forcing them wider apart.. definitely giving Him a better chance of hitting my clit jewelry.

(just a little TV editorial here......... the new show COMMANDER IN CHIEF....... has more ads than actual TV show !!! trust me on this one.. i could barely catch my breath before the ads were back on!!!)

Sir decided it would be good fun to use the tawse on my breasts... He delighted in swinging and hitting and trying to catch the nipple in the cut outs. And then as the day was drawing to close .. Sir decided a final challenge........... how many clothespins could He put on my pussy lips!!??? For anyone interested.. 16 total!!!

This day of play went a long way to putting this subbie back together again........ i was not feeling broken..... and though i didn't find the land of rainbows...... i did discover a kind of gold star.......... that i softly floated upon........... while Sir healed His subbie who had been feeling a "tad broken"....

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh i almost forgot... Sir told me that He expects to get a good whipping in BEFORE we head off to a munch here in the Great White North on Sunday...... i will hold on tight to my gold star...........


  1. Well I think someone had fun, I am sure it got you over your cold, lucky littleone all subs should be so lucky

  2. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Sorry We couldn't make it to the munch after all, We were still exhausted from the night before and slept all day and early evening... Hope it was a fun group!

    ~ Mistress Jade


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