Tuesday, October 04, 2005

on training........

i have been reading a book called 'The Marketplace' - it is fiction but deals with BDSM and the obvious (from the title) selling of submissives/slaves. It has brought me a few moments of weak kneed responses....... and a definite longing. BUT it IS fiction and real life is so far removed from the story line. Nevertheless it has made me think... ponder.. dream and fantasize.

No not fantasize about being sold.. BUT.. more about being sent away to be trained. To spend day after day .. hour after hour .. focused solely and completely on my submission. Somewhere between the fantasy and the vanilla world is the real world of D/s - i am sure !!!!

Here are just some of the things i think would go a long way to training a submissive/slave..... or retraining as the case may be........

* physical inspections - a rather humbling/humiliating experience... bound to put anyone in a submissive mind set - nothing is hidden - everything exposed ..

* made to kneel - or lie - or sit - in a manner which leaves all of the submissive exposed to the Dom's view at all times - and easily within reach for the Dom's amusement

* being put on the floor for meals - fed from the Dom's plate - or fed later

* orgasm denial

* being made to masturbate using vibrators /dildos or other items to amuse the Dom

* voice training - soft quiet voice - speaking only when spoken to - use of gag to quiet an overly talkative sub

* posture training - movement training : a yardstick tied to the back of a submissive will teach her to sit and stand and walk tall - a training collar will teach her to hold her head high - ankles shackled together will teach her to take small steps - no chains clanking will force her to learn to walk quietly

* shaving the submissive - will re-enforce that nothing is hidden from the Dom..... made to lie very still open and exposed

these are just some of my thoughts on training or retraining a submissive......... things that can be done behind closed doors away from the vanilla world.. to reinforce the submissive's place...... to chase away the strength needed out there in the vanilla world - what i call the big bad world....... submissives need to feel the boundaries .. the chain link fence around the play yard that keeps the inner child safe.


  1. I will send you an email my friend

  2. Anonymous7:43 am

    A Big sight! yup! that would be the way to go! :))))

    you aren't by any chance single or know a friend of yours with the same tastes more or less do you ;)

    Joking... ;)

    I reading your blog, and enjoying it very much!

  3. shortbow:

    welcome to my little piece of internet land - province BDSM.. (cheeky grin)... no i am not single.. duhhhhh... and yeah i know a lot of friends with the same tastes.... duhhh again...

    thanks for reading my blog and commenting ... comments are always welcome..

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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