Monday, June 23, 2014

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The one thing about Kingston that I think even W would agree with, is how much "stuff" is going on all the time.......... and most of it is FREE (my favourite word)

On Saturday they had something called "Doors Open",  Now I have a feeling most cities have the same thing - just under a different name.  Doors Open is when the museums and other historical buildings open their doors for free and welcome the general public in........ 

For those of you who may not know - Kingston is a military city.  And W was pleased to see some of the military facilities open to the public  (where they would not be under normal circumstances)  

I had little or no interest in seeing military anything......... so Saturday morning saw us climbing into our respective cars and heading out to explore this Doors Open............I was heading off to explore 1800 century churches - and no I am not religious - but I was most interested in the architecture,  I also had on my list of museums - the Health Museum which is affiliated with the hospital.  I didn't even know they had a medical museum and was curious to see the "torture" medical devices from the 1800's.

I will not bore you with hundreds of pictures of church interiors but I will give show you some of the highlights...................

day 41 of 365

Do you remember a blog a few weeks back where I talked about this acting troupe that is doing historical vinettes about Sir John A MacDonald??? and how W and I had seen them at the train station??? Well quite by accident - on my tour of Doors Open - I stumbled across them again.  Their main headquarters are in a church manse......... I had a nice visit with a couple of the actors and even got to take pictures of their giant bobble head costumes (under construction) for the Canada Day Parade,.

My last stop of the day - cause truthfully I was pooping out - was the Health museum.  My niece just graduated as a Registered Nurse and I couldn't help but snap some pictures with her in mind..............

 this last picture was of the set up for an xray!


Then it was home to get cleaned up before W and I headed off to a munch......... 

What a fun day we both had!! 

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