Tuesday, July 09, 2013


I now have a glow in the dark SUPER Dom!!!  I do !  I do !!

Let me explain.............

Yesterday W had a heart test that involved injecting him with radioactive material - which of course makes him glow in the dark right?? Right!  

And then, after lunch, He decided to try out his new SUPER Dom skills.. so he sent me to fetch a couple of toys to play with........... being a good subbie (and only because I am a good subbie - nothing to do with eagerness - nope no way.. just good subbie) I ran walked upstairs and pulled out the toy bag and selected a flogger, a whip and a paddle.

Then W went to work on my poor lil ass.  His super skills were put to the test with first the flogger, then the whip.  W tried the paddle once or twice but it didn't appeal to him.  I remember repeatedly saying "fuck a duck" which gave me a fit of the giggles. Finally  Super Dom collapsed on the floor beside me -  and asked if the fairies were playing.  It had been so long since my fairies came to play - I was thrilled to tell him that yes indeed the fairies had arrived and were dancing around the little "fuck a duck" (cheeky grin)

I could most definitely get used to this retirement thing!!


Sir said...

Just for the record ( if anyone is keeping track ).. I DIDN'T collapsed!!


little monkey said...

LOL! I wonder if that ^ "just for the record" is like when the cat falls off the chair, begins to clean, and seems to say "I did that on purpose"?

Ordalie said...

Morningstar, I'd like you to put again on the right the photo of the house you're living in, it was pleasant to look at.

morningstar said...

@Ordalie it's funny I wasn't sure anyone even noticed the lil house on the right.... it was there for me - to keep me focused on my goal - especially on those days when it felt like June would never come :) I'll see if I can find it and put it back.

I am also thinking of doing a "house corners" post one of these days to show the changes that have happened around here :)

Ordalie said...

Yes, I was hoping for that as well. You posted photos of every room but it's so far back I can't really find them.

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