Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Entertainment

There is always something going on in Kingston - ALWAYS!!  From movies in the park during the week - and weekly concerts outside City Hall - food fairs last weekend and this weekend it was the Buskers Festival.

Never heard of Buskers ??? Street performers... clowns jugglers musicians you name it they have it.

Saturday was the meeting of the sub group at 1:30 - and I really wanted to get a taste of the Buskers!!  Going downtown during the day would be insane - the heat has been unbearable!!  So I had this brain wave of going to see some of the Buskers Saturday - late afternoon - after the sub meeting and staying in town for dinner.  I invited W on a "date" (one day I might explain this "date" aspect of our new contract/negotiations)

We had a really good sub meeting - the best one yet  I think!!  The topic was stolen from a discussion on Fetlife "How do you identify"  and then "Make it a verb"  So if you identify as a sub - you would state that - but then you would have to describe what it is you DO to make you a sub.  Because so many folks use the drop down menu on Fetlife - go eeny meeny miny moe and pick a role - sub slave - Dom - Master etc and give little or no thought to what it actually means/involves. The discussion was quite lively and interactive and thought provoking.  I gave the afternoon a "gold star" 

Then once I had politely kicked the last sub out.... W and I headed downtown.  The downtown core was packed!!  We wiggled and squirmed between huge groups of spectators and made our way up and down "main street"  These Buskers quite literally perform on the street - with no stage or seats for spectators.  We had done our research on all the Buskers and were looking for "Kilted Colin" whose publicity cited him as a bagpipe playing kilt wearing juggler and unicycle rider.  

And we found him !!

I am guessing he performed for about 20 minutes - using some willing and not so willing participants from the audience.  The funniest "helpers" were the 3 young men - who were forced to wear kilts over their shorts/pants.  One of the young men was NOT impressed with the whole idea at all................

The Grande Finale was Kilted Colin playing the bagpipes while he juggled two sharp knives........ and stripped off his kilt to answer the age old question "What do they wear under their kilts??"

After the show W and headed off to Sir John's Ale House for dinner.  The restaurant was in (if anyone is interested) Sir John A MacDonald's (the first Prime Minister of Canada) law offices.  We sat out on the terrace and did a lot of people watching - and praying for a slight breeze to cool us off.  Good lord it was hot - even at 7 at night!!

Then we wandered down to the docks so W could eye ball the navy ship that was in.... and we could catch some more Buskers.

Finally the crowds and the heat got to us and we headed home.  

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  1. I beg to differ that there is ALWAYS something happening in Kingston, sadly there is NO PLAY SPACE in the city or even near by that " Impact " players can go and enjoy themselves.

    This is a rope town....



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