Friday, July 19, 2013

Bread crumbs

Well I headed off yesterday morning - all by my lonesome - to get my hair cut and run some messages.  I have had a deathly fear my entire life of getting lost - so this was a big adventure for me.  

W made sure I had my cell phone with me - and I do have GPS - so there really was no reason to fear getting lost.

I found the hairdressers with no problem at all !!!  (well truth be told I only had to do 4 turns to get there!!  and the mall is on the main street - hard to get lost if you can find the main street right??!!) Had a nice young girl cutting my hair - she took an hour !  and didn't really get the picture I had of my new hair cut (le sigh) At least it will grow!!  I think if I am gonna have to live with a hairdresser's vision of funky hair cut - next time I will go with the shaved on one side and long on the other!!  (though when I mentioned that to W he did look up at me to see if I was joking and then rolled his eyes - so maybe not)

Then I managed to find the hardware store (Lowes) and get the bird seed and the brackets to hang the bird feeders.  But I didn't find the tea house garden statue.  

And then feeling very brave and adventuresome I found the grocery store and bought lunch!!  I did text W in between times to let him now that I wasn't lost just running messages.  Didn't want him sending out the rescue teams!!

When I got home W looked for the tea house and when I explained I didn't find it - and assumed they had sold out - he went back and found one - ugh!!  I don't know how I missed it.

So now I have my tea house, my Buddha, and Confucius garden statues I just need the garden to put them in.  There is a light at the end of that particular tunnel however as I got the final quote on the landscaping (within my budget - IF I don't add the water feature and other fancy stone pathways) and then heard from the deck guy who says he hopes to start work on the deck June 29th ??!!!  - I assume he meant July 29th - which is Monday.  The landscaping crew will come in once the deck is done. I really would like the bulk of the work done this year ............ so next year I can sit outside in the backyard on the new deck - under my BIG red umbrella and enjoy the sunshine and the peace and quiet.

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