Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Service Sub

It seems to me that when submissives talk about being a "service" sub they have these glamorous images of serving him coffee on their knees - blow jobs - hot maid outfits and never really getting dirty.  (who would want to get a french's maid outfit dirty that probably cost more than a week's wages?!)

It seems to me that a lot of the images that come to mind when we think/ discuss D/s relationships - involve hot images of sexy activities.

 The truth of the matter is a 'good' service submissive is not glamorous or even that sexy.  It involves rubber gloves - not pretty latex gloves - but ugly bright yellow rubber gloves that our mothers used.  It involves hot water and cleaning fluids and scrubbing floors that are really dirty and need to be really cleaned.

Service involves making meals he wants to eat when you aren't hungry or don't really like what he wants for dinner.  It means watching one more television show that you can't stand,  It means washing his dirty clothes and folding them and putting them away so he doesn't have to think about it and probably won't even notice.

Service doesn't involve Masters standing with their hands on their hips watching your every move - with a whip dangling over their shoulder....threatening a good beating if you miss a fleck of dust.  The reality - the truth - is you clean and cook and take care of him because deep down inside you have a burning need to do it.

And if at the end of the day - he finds a whip or flogger and you get your ass beat - or you have mind blowing orgasms - it probably has nothing to do with the service  - but more with his needs.

So make sure - before you sign up for a "service subbie" position that you can see past the fantasy and into the reality - and do it for the internal pleasure it gives you to make His life easier.



  1. Ordalie1:12 pm

    "Service involves making meals he wants to eat when you aren't hungry or don't really like what he wants for dinner..."

    Well, that's just what wives do- but not me: I'm not a sub and if he happens to want soup for dinner, he prepares it himself. I can mix it but that's all. These scorching days I much prefer salad. As for TV programs, h's got a set and I've go the internet so each one of us watches what he likes.
    I know what you'll say: not much communication between us. Quite right, but we've been married 20 years and that's how things stand now.
    Sorry if I've been completely off topic.
    These days, I wonder if my whole behaviour is normal or not.

  2. Well said, oh well said.

  3. lol, you didn't have to remind me of the dirty pants in the laundry, now i feel obliged to go and put the machine on instead of doing my blog x . Have a wonderful weekend

  4. The latex cleaning gloves now come in blue colors so you can have a choice of the ones you need to have on when doing your service....



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