Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Heat

Normally I love summer heat.  I bask in it.  I purr through it.  I live through the winter months only because the summer heat follows ............... 

BUT this summer heat is too much even for me.  The sky has a smokey haze and the air hangs so heavy you can feel it - touch it - roll it around and pass it along.  This has surpassed summer heat - this is hellish.  (In fact I saw a joke yesterday - something along the lines of the devil asking for his weather back)

But that hasn't stopped W and I.  Yesterday we headed off to the ferry to Wolfe Island where we had an ok lunch sitting on the terrace of the Island Grill looking out over the water and peering through the heat haze to the Kingston skyline.  W took a pic of me (I wasn't really aware he was doing it) and oh my god !!!  I look like I am melting ......... not attractive at all.

We managed, despite the melting heat, to have a little whip session when we got home that left me sweating and purring............. 

Last evening we had storms tear through the area knocking out power and cable and the internet.  UGH!!  But that didn't stop us from attending a poorly attended munch.  I sometimes wonder why some people keep beating a dead horse.  Or maybe it is (as some are speculating) just summer......... just summer heat.

This melting heat has set me on a new quest............. to find a Kingston hair dresser.  The hair is limp and long and desperately needs a cut - at least off my neck.......... I had in the past used some drop in stylists - you know - no appointment necessary type shops.  The first couple of times I managed to get a good cut - not spectacular  - but good.  The last time I looked like I had cut it myself - ugh!!  

This will be a great adventure - a new stylist and I am gonna drive myself.  W says I have to bring my cell so when I get lost I can call him.  (cheeky grin) I'll show him!!  I am also gonna go find my favourite Lowe's and see if I can't buy a pagoda to go in my gardens to be. 

If I am not back here tomorrow you will know I am lost in Kingston - wandering up and down streets trying to find my way back home............. maybe I should leave bread crumbs??     


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