Monday, July 29, 2013

Adventures and date nights (part 1)

 Friday evening W and I decided to go to a munch - about an hour and half away.  W had a doctor's appointment here in the city mid afternoon - and our  plan was to head off immediately after.  Now I really should pay a little more attention to times for munches.  We were on the highway heading off to the munch when W suggested we stop off in a city on the way and "poke around".  I looked at the clock - it was pushing 5 pm.  so I said I didn't think it was such a great idea.  (thinking the munch was at 6 pm) AND W did want to stop at the BIG apple store on the way,

Now I have heard of this BIG Apple store for almost 10 months now I guess.  And I vaguely remembered seeing some BIG apple sitting on the edge of the highway the few times we have done the drive to Toronto.  I had also heard this BIG Apple store makes the very best ever apple pies.  Well I am not a big pie fan - though I don't mind apple pies.  BUT my favourite apple dish happens to be apple bread and apple muffins made on a local farm in Montreal.  I couldn't imagine anyone matching their baked goods.

We stopped at the Big Apple -- with all the tourists and their buses.  OH MY GOD!!  who stops in the middle of nowhere - on the 401 - to take pictures of a BIG Apple??!!  Hundreds of people that's who!!  When we got out of the car my head kept swiveling this way and that............ there was a petting zoo (mostly goats and smelly sheep and chickens) .. there was a mini putt .. and a train (which wasn't working and no where to be seen) AND the huge shop.  

We entered the shop and the scents were amazing.......... cinnamon and ginger and apples.  The counters were groaning under packages of apple fritters, apple jellies, apple pies, and more apple pies, apple muffins and apple breads.  There was a restaurant and a touristy trap gift shop.

Fortunately the 4 bus load of tourists were just finishing up their visit and were in the process of leaving.  W and I got to poke around quietly.  I took stock of their products and picked up one loaf of apple bread..... deciding if it was half as good as the apple bread/muffins from the Montreal farm - we could always come back and pick up more (but I had my doubts) 

After paying for our purchases (W bought some apple cookies) we headed outside to take in the petting farm ......... one thing about petting farms that I will never get over is the stench........ ewwwwwwwwwwwww.... 

Then we piled in the car and drove the last 10 minutes to the town where the munch was.  That's when W told me the munch started at 7!!  (who plans a dinner munch for 7??!!)  and it wasn't quite 6 pm.  We decided to follow the road south until we hit Lake Ontario (just to pass some time)  

The view was magnificent.  The sound of the water lapping on the shore hypnotic.  Honestly I could have spent hours just sitting by the water's edge with a good book listening to the birds and the water and enjoying the solitary quiet.  I even dared to dip my toes in the water.......... YIKES!!!  nearly forgot how cold the damn water IS up here in the Great White North.

Finally we headed back to town and the munch.  As always - good fun - good people - lots of conversation and laughter.

ooooooooooops I nearly forgot to report on the apple bread.  I had some toasted for breakfast on Saturday and W and I had ham sandwiches on it for lunch on Saturday - and I have to admit - it was pretty damn good!!!!  I am thinking we'll be heading back to pick up a couple of loaves and freeze them.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about "date night" ............ 

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