Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Alice through the Looking Glass

I am going to start this entry with a disclaimer. These are my opinions and may not be the opinion of most others.

Now having said that....

I was just going over the "events" listed for this weekend here in the Great White North (well my corner of it) ...

At a local BDSM club - this weekend's activities involve the art of sensual massage. The requirements - bring your own mattress. (and massage oils) but MATTRESS?? are they going to spread their mattresses between the spanking benches, crosses, and suspension frames???? What is going on???

A few weeks ago we had a full fetish weekend.... I get fetish - I don't have one - but I get it. It used to mean (at least to me ) that you dressed up in black leather or latex and went out to a club and beat your sweetie.

Now it appears (from the photos I have seen of the event ) that it is an early hallowe'en party.

There were vampires galore..........

There were goths at every turn..........

There wasn't one (that I could see) leather clad BDSM player in the lot.

I truly miss the strength of a leather clad dominant, or the beauty of a leather clad submissive kneeling at her master's feet. I am tired of beauty pageants. I want to see play ... edge play.. flogging......... want to hear the crack of a whip (yeah yeah even though I don't much like the crack - I bloody well miss it!!) I want to see sweaty dominants and red stripped asses. Forget perfect makeup and perfect costumes. I want some reality... (or what passes for reality for me)

Someone mentioned the other day that the new group of BDSMers are "MacDonalds BDSMers" - they want everything fast - and disposable - and without a whole lot of substance. They buy their toys at sex shops ......... have no patience or appreciation for quality work.

Society is becoming a "throw away" society. Grow tired of something - throw it away and start over. More's the pity.

I feel so much like Alice through the Looking Glass - everything is blurred and fuzzy and doesn't make much sense any more.


swan said...

There are no "clubs" here. Well, actually, I think there may be ONE, operated by some group of folks that we don't really know much about. We've never been... We don't get the chance to do many events anymore either -- the expense is just too great. That said, we've experienced that sense of being completely out of touch with the "public scene" these days. There's much less of that put on your leathers and go beat and get beaten, and much more of the dress up and play act sort of interaction.
I'm a great believer in simply smiling sweetly when someone's particular kink varies from what we do, but some of what is out there these days is just that -- OUT THERE.
I don't know. Maybe I'm too old. Maybe they're too young. Maybe it is just time for us old ones to stay home and leave the public spaces open for those younger folks...


Mistress160 said...

Laura Antoniou was making your exact point at The Gathering, over on my side of the planet, last weekend. She also said there are no leather clubs left in New York. This sounded so dire I'm going to check it, but I'm sure she's right.

Too many MacDonalds kinksters, indeed!

swan's comment ("Maybe it is just time for us old ones to stay home and leave the public spaces open for those younger folks...") made me smile. I was with a couple of "old" friends at The Gathering's play party and we found ourselves muttering things like "couldn't these events start earlier? ... and for the first couple of hours have no pounding music? ... and have more light in the play stations, for older eyes?". Ah the joys of getting older. Laura by the way was wearing a marvelous T shirt saying something like "proud to be a member of the Middle Aged Guard" *grin*

Mrs Silly said...

This could be my posting.
I feel exactly the same :-)

anna said...

I was looking for a bdsm toy/equipment shop just the other day. They've all closed down! If you live in our corner of the world it seems you either buy your stuff at a sex shop (generally poorer quality - right?) or order it online (but I like to touch stuff before I buy it) or buy it from a local artisan (that's assuming you know who the local artisans are... which I don't!) Very frustrating indeed.

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