Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Remember my visit to the Heron Clan this summer??

Remember Raheretic gave me a gift of a knife (the one pictured above)???

Well I brought the knife with me on Saturday evening when Warren and I went to the play party. Up to this point it had never been used on me. It worried me a little bit..... It is heavy... very heavy... I think all on it's own it could pierce my body. Honest true I do !! Hold the tip against skin and just let the weight of it press down ....... and BINGO !! pierced.

Well at least that's how my imagination worked.

It was the first thing Warren pulled out of the toy bag on Saturday. I discovered three things about that knife........... it doesn't pierce automatically - but it is heavy and it damn well hurts !!! and is SCARY... I mean it.. it is scary !!! Warren also discovered that my nipples fit through one of the holes very nicely... and all I could think as he was fitting said nipple through the hole - 'just don't let the hole be sharp' - cause it was a tight fit!!

Secondly I discovered - much to my surprise - that that knife packs quite a wallop. Warren turned it on the side and swatted my ass with it. I honestly thought he had grabbed another toy out of the bag. The wallop from the knife bounced me forward and upward. OUCH.. it really did pack quite a thud !!!

Thirdly I discovered it doesn't take any effort at all to make pretty patterns on my body. No going over and over the skin to create patterns, one pass of the blade and the skin separates quite nicely - leaving welts - and every so often a single drop of blood.

AND the patterns last..... it is Tuesday today and I still have faint welts over my back, ass and breasts.

The knife scene on Saturday was intense - at least for me. It is a knife that demands respect.. demands attention... demands concentration.

Here are some of the patterns ............

doesn't my ass look a little bit like it has a spider web carved into it??

I do love knife play - yessirree bob I like knife play !! The edgier the better !! I am wondering if I am heading towards scarification....saw one nice bit of work on Saturday and haven't been able to get the image out of my mind since.........


  1. It IS a knife that commands respect at ALL times.

    Butt it sure was fun and honor using it thanks morningstar.


  2. You can't imagine what a great pleasure it is to see this knife pictured on your Blog, and to know it has, in fact, been employed as an instrument of your sensual erotic play.

    It is great to see it again, and to see its inscription on your skin.

    Yes, this is a knife that commands respect and that can in fact be a deadly violent weapon. It is that potential, and yet its capacity to create intensely evocative sensaion and emotional response, that makes it a tremendous stimulant.

    I am pleased to see you are enjoying it as part of your further exploration.

    All the best,


    Go coonfidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

  3. It is a beautiful knife and those are beautiful marks.

    And yes! I immediately thought, "Oh wow. A spiderweb!" when I saw those marks.


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