Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Processing Pain...

Just recently - for some reason - I have been involved in more than one discussion on how "we" process pain. (we being submissives or pain sluts or masochists) And why it is some days it is like heaven on earth and other days it is sheer hell.

The latest discussion was with younger women who are still going through periods and pms.. and it was decided that during those days one is more sensitive than other weeks. (can I say duh!!!)

But that got me thinking to what happens to me.... I don't do pms anymore.. don't have periods anymore.... BUT I most certainly do have times when I don't process the pain well.. and spend my time more or less white knuckling it till it is over.

I found myself almost apologizing on Saturday evening for not being "on top of my game". At the time I really had no idea I was gonna get hit by a 10 ton truck called upset stomach.

I may not have periods or pms anymore.. But I am older now... and truthfully I just get tired more... and my needs and desires are not as strong anymore. It is almost comforting to know that there is a gradual cessation of needs..... weaning almost. Because now when I am in heaven on earth - it is special and I hold it close to my heart and treasure it

That is processing the pain when you don't have periods or pms any more. When you are a dignified "old lady"

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