Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plan B step 2

Ok.. step two of Plan B...

This summer a well meaning female friend (around my age) asked me why I didn't colour my hair...... she said the grey/white hair I was sporting made me look old. At the time I wasn't suffering from the angst of turning 60........ but this past month all that angst I have been putting myself through (besides adding more grey/white hairs to my head) made me remember her comment.

So today I went to see my hairdresser. He is a big sweetie.. been doing my hair for many years.... has been through the catastrophy of the last dye job that had my hair breaking off at the roots.... he has been through the chemical treatments that made my hair lifeless and thin ... he has been through the birth of my grandchildren.. the break up of my relationship with Warren .. he is like a good bartender (if the stories are true about bartenders) he listens with a sympathic ear and rarely offers up any advise .. just a gentle squeeze of the shoulder and a sympathetic smile.

So when I told him dye the hair... he was uncharacteristically outspoken about my choice. I actually had to assert myself to get him to even think about getting rid of the old grey/white hair.

I have also avoided cutting my hair for the last 2 months as I was determined to go a little longer.. (not to my ass long.. not even shoulders long ..... but chin long)

We poured through a book of colours and despite the young girls urging me to go purple .. or fire engine red.. he and I selected a colour pretty damn close to the colour I was some 60 years ago.

Then he started to cut........ I did say "layer it" and didn't pay much attention to the cutting he was doing... as I figured he was "layering" it........

Anyway....... the final outcome is....

I love the new colour....

HATE the cut

yes cut!!! He layered it down to nothing for god's sakes!!!! All those long weeks of letting it grow and I am back at square one.......

Oh well one of two ain't bad.. love the colour hate the cut......

(if I pull on it will it grow faster?? )


  1. Lol, I don't know about making it grow longer, but pulling on it might cause a little yummy pain! :)

    Although, I always swear putting my hair up in pony tails makes it grown faster, so maybe there is something to pulling.


  2. "I love the new colour....

    HATE the cut"

    And THAT is why I haven't been to a hairdresser in 2 year now!
    I do my own color and trim as needed.
    Last time I went in to a stylist, she cut my hair way too short.
    My hair is almost back down to my butt again .... just how I like it!

  3. Ordalie10:37 pm

    It must be difficult to trim such long hair!

  4. aww hell....When I go to get my hairs cut, I always say "Cut it however you grows". My only requests are a #3 razor to the back and off my ears. Only one person in our family has long hair, and that is Tom! He can wear the ponytail in this clan, not me. So sometimes I love the cut and sometimes not so much...but it does grow out and I can change it in about 7 weeks to something else. But it always is variations on a SHORT theme.



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