Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm special !

Yesterday was my birthday celebration - my "cake and coffee" day.

I awoke feeling like something the cat dragged in. It took every ounce of energy I could muster just to shower and do my hair.

Warren came and picked me up at 2:oo ish and we headed over to eldest daughter's house. As I walked through the door I heard youngest daughter calling to "pig pen" to come quick granny was here !!! I was worried about the dog jumping and was surprised no one was rescuing me.

As I walked down the hallway the first thing I honestly noticed were all the helium filled balloons... I LOVE helium filled balloons and don't remember the last time (if at all ) anyone gave me some. Then faces started to swirl into focus. Family from Toronto had driven down.. eldest daughter's inlaws were there, my ex husband, even Darklight was there (representing as he said "the dark side of my life")

As I wandered around the room the whole theme started to sink in....... my girls had really and truly outdone themselves. The theme was oriental. There were chopsticks and oriental food, bamboo trays, oriental napkins and lanterns, even the birthday cake had my geisha tattoo as a decoration - complete with the cherry blossoms I want to add to it.

Then I started to notice the helium filled balloons. Each balloon had a picture of me .. from birth till my last birthday and everything in between. I couldn't stop laughing and crying all mixed up together.

This birthday was all about me... my likes my hobbies my family and my friends. My girls worked so damn hard to make me feel valued and special and loved. The best birthday present - the best present period !!- is being made to feel special and the girls succeeded completely and totally !!


  1. You have always been special :-)) that is why I love you...

    Oh, and the cake favor was great too!!


    your girls did a great job.

  2. But honey .... you ARE special!
    And so VERY deserving of being pampered on your special day!

    Happy Birthday sweet lady, I hope you get all you wish for ... and then some!

  3. truthfully Blazng all I am wishing for right now is no more pain... and for someone to gift wrap my energy and give it back !!!

  4. awwwww! how sweet of them all! you are a veryyy special lady~ im glad you had such a wonderful surprise and such a special day!

  5. How absolutely wonderful, and how good of your girls to make sure it happened as it should... Happiest of birthdays, dear lady!

    hugs, swan

    and all the rest of The Heron Clan!

  6. And so you should feel special.

    Happy belated birthday.


  7. cause you are special. if only you would accept that...:)

  8. Sitting here almost clapping with joy to hear you had the day you deserved. Happy belated birthday.


  9. You are VERY special.

    Happy Belated Birthday.

    Big Hugs
    His mija

  10. Happy birthday! Glad you had a special celebration!

  11. That was such a wonderful post to read!

    May all your future birthdays be equally as special :)

  12. That was a very touching post. Happy birthday to you!


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