Friday, October 22, 2010


About 8 years ago I had a gall bladder attack. It is not something one quickly forgets. After all the tests the doctor left it up to me if I had surgery or changed my eating habits. I decided to change my eating habits.

Things have gone swimmingly well for 8 years. And like most people I got lazy. I still stayed away from very spicey foods - but every once in a while I would cheat. I stayed away from fatty foods - but every once in a while I would cheat.

That is what happened this weekend. Friday night I had a spicey fatty hamburger .. on Saturday I had some spaghetti with spicey sauce. On Sunday I thought I was dying. Warren was here and I kicked him out. Hell if I am gonna die I am gonna do it alone.

I slept most of Monday and a good part of Tuesday. By Tuesday night the fever broke. On Wednesday I went back to work.

Wednesday night the pain hit again.

Thursday morning I emailed Warren I was going to the clinic.

I am not sure I can honestly explain how lonely I felt sitting in the clinic by myself. How scary it was.

Then I looked up to see Warren coming through the clinic door. I cried. Suddenly it wasn't so scary anymore. (and yes Lea - from yesterday's comments - Warren is the same "Sir". We are working our way back together)

So the long and the short of it is...... I am off for blood tests today, an ultra sound as soon as they can book it. And the gall bladder is coming out as soon as they get a bed for me.........


I have another major attack with fever. Then - doctor's orders - straight to the hospital for emergency surgery.


  1. I have only ever had one gall bladder attack, and it was awful. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. AND. I am glad that Warren is there with you.


  2. ugh. I had 4 attacks before they took it out. O M G the pain. Better to take it out not during an attack. You are going to feel soooo much better. And I'm glad WT came through for you. :)


  3. Anonymous3:43 pm

    I do hope you feel better soon! I shall light a candle for you. And thank you for your answer to my query!


  4. morningstar -

    I just had mine out a month ago this week. You will need to be careful after with fat content but it is so nice to be able to eat without fear of the pain!

    I had mine done laparoscopically and missed only 5 days of work.

    Good Luck!


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