Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TA DA !!!

nice bit of leg dontcha think??

stencil on

work in progress

just finished

close up view

Ok ok yes it was gonna go on my shoulder.. but between here and Sir F's I changed my mind and went for the ankle. Wanna know how twisted I am? I actually verified it would hurt more on the ankle than on the back of my shoulder... LOL

AND even more twisted - I complained it didn't take long enough!!! So the tattoo artist offered up a suggestion - I might like adding some cherry blossoms ... next time!!

Wanna know the best bit??? The tattoo artist was looking at my pics on FetLife - don't even ask why or how that happened. He saw my tack bra - asked if I was into needles.. to which of course I answered YES.. He asked me if I would allow him to do a piercing corset down my back !!!! (temporary) and photograph it ..... the two Sirs have said they will organize something while I am away !!!!!!

What an adventure this is turning out to be !!!


Theresa said...

Absolutely love it! Just dont ever try that on the tops of your feet. FYI shoulder isnt bad. I have one there as well. I got pix of mine somewhere, maybe fet.

tranquility said...

It is lovely! Very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

Had to come out of lurker's corner to say: Love it love it love it! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks sitting for a tattoo can feel too short! My artist turned to me and said I must be a masochist ;). But lucky you to be offered the temp. corset piercing; those are gorgeous! Your new tattoo is beautiful. :)

Sir said...

Wow a tattoo AND a needle job in the future too!! talk about horseshoes..

It looks great, I know you are going to enjoy it every time you look at it.

Buffalo said...

Not even half bad. Looks good.

anna said...

Excellent choice! It looks gorgeous! And I really like the cherry blossoms idea too.

Bella said...

oh wow, love that tattoo! very very nice. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, I'm catching up on my reading so am glad i got the chance to add you to my list of blogs to follow. :)

viemoira said...

What a beautiful tattoo! Congrats!

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