Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sunday Sentiments

I don't very often talk about the other step child in my life....... Lady is a 7 year old black lab rescue.  

She and I have an interesting relationship - much like I have with the lil one........ except Lady will roll her eyes at me -- mumble and grumble and occasionally pout.  

She loves ... and I mean LOVES.... to visit my eldest daughter because she has 3 rescues....... and the littlest one "Willow" is Lady's best bud!!

The 2 days with a house full of dogs is probably the main reason the following is this Sunday's Sentiment........... 

Life is good when you share it with a dog.


  1. Aww, I love this! I used to have dogs in a former life. They sure get into your heart. Lady is adorable. How sweet she enjoys playing with your daughter's dogs :)


  2. I'm always glad to see Lady news - she looks like such a sweetheart. But then I'm a crazy animal lady - right now we have Tushy (20 years old - Himalyan cat - rescued at 17), Simon, rescued from a HORRIBLE situation 5 years ago and starting to FINALLY chill a bit (ginger cat - grouchy and miserable LOL), Finn, 12 year old venerable german shepherd, totters around on bad legs, sweet sweet natured and good as gold - and the latest -Seamus, aka Little Rat Bastard - a chihuahua/australian cattle dog rescue who is finally (after 6 months) learning some manners!

  3. We're down to one cat these day, down from 4 cats and a dog a few years ago. But my daughter is often here with her Golden and her cat - which hates my guts for some reason. One part of me wants a dog and the other part say 'no way!' I do like having one to babysit for. It's like having a dog on time share.

  4. I can't imagine a home without a dog.



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