Saturday, December 07, 2019

Spoiling Myself.......

About a month ago I told Sir Steve that I had always wanted a duvet, but never bought myself one.  I thought about that -- why hadn't I bought myself one?? Oh I have had gorgeous comforters and quilts ...... but never a duvet.  And the really neat thing about duvets is....... I can buy a few different ones and change them to suit my mood .. the season... the phase of the moon!

I felt reluctant at first..... cause ya know I (we) didn't need a new comforter for the bed... I flip flopped and hummed and hawed.  I kept bringing it up with Sir Steve .... I finally asked him if he would have a problem with a duvet -- and a Christmas one at that.  He thought it was a good idea........ so I ordered a duvet and duvet cover from Amazon (Amazon is my shopping friend!!)  

Honestly I couldn't wait till it came -- I fussed and fumed about it.... what if the cover didn't fit the duvet?  What if it was uncomfortable to sleep with?? What if Sir Steve didn't like it?? What if.... What if...... What if.......... 

Well it arrived... I did learn that you need muscles and stamina to stuff the duvet inside the duvet cover....... like a HUGE pillow case that needs 4 people - one on each corner!!  But I got it on........ and stood back and stared at the bed...... I was in love!!!  Sir Steve came home and he was in love......... And we both had a tremendous sleep under the cloud of softness that is our duvet.....

Then I made a Christmas list for my girls and Sir Steve (something I don't do very often) and topping the list was an oriental duvet cover.  OMG the choices of covers is unbelievable and soooooooo affordable (compared to quilts and comforters)

Then this week I was stripping the bed to wash the sheets and made up my mind we needed a new mattress cover.  I went to Amazon and found a wonderful pillow top cover and ordered it.  Then I decided while I was at it we needed new pillow protectors and ordered them too..........

They're really not big things... but they make me so happy....... it makes me happy to buy things to improve our lil home..... and to know these things make Sir Steve's life a little brighter and more cheerful and comfy.

I told Sir Steve a couple of years ago that unlike his past relationships I didn't need anything from him....... well not in material ways....... I could finance myself... what I needed wanted from him was love and loyalty and 'snuggles'.

Life is good when you learn to spoil yourself and you have a man who gives you love and loyalty and 'snuggles'




  1. How wonderful Morningstar, tis the season to treat yourself:) I love my duvet and have to have mattress and pillow protectors too. The duvet cover looks awesome:)


  2. Love the design.



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