Monday, December 30, 2019

He's Backkkkkkkkkk

7:45 last night He looked at me and said
"In 15 minutes I want you in the bedroom - naked - bent over the end of the bed"

Do you have any idea what happens in my head while I am watching the clock click down??!!  It has been soooooo long -- I could barely wrap my head around the thought of naked bent over the bed........... 

In 15 minutes I was naked bent over the end of the bed -- my heart pounding -- feeling so exposed -- shy and anxious and needy.

He didn't keep me waiting -- and my ass was soon red and hot and I was swearing and cursing him and loving every single spank....... every single minute!!

(whispering) then I heard the zipper on his jeans ....... and he forced my legs apart and thrust into me hard and fast......... and oh dear god my heart nearly stopped.......... it hurt soooooo good !!

Later hugging him and kissing him... and holding him tight I whispered "my man is back" and he laughed and said "hell yeah!"

Life is good when the man comes back......... 




  1. Woohoo, awesome news!:)


  2. Excellent post, excellent evening! You're a lucky girl!

  3. sounds like a nice welcome home :-)

  4. oh yay hurray! that sounded so good :)


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